15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

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15 Bathroom Decor Pictures with Modern Design

Ready to choose a design style for your bathroom? Great! Selecting a bathroom design that fits your needs and tastes can be satisfying, considering the numerous great options available.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

One of the most popular design styles is modern bathrooms. We’ve gathered some bathroom decor pictures to inspire you. Modern bathrooms are always in and they will always look good!

Today, modern bathrooms involve sharp lines, freestanding tubs, and monochromatic color schemes. However, you can play around with designs to find that perfect fit for you. But let’s look at ideas.

Getting Started With Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you want to bring your bathroom into the 2020s, you’ve come to the right place. We have amazing modern bathroom designs from our bathroom decor pictures, all with modern aspects.

Modern is distinct from contemporary, although their relationship is close. It also differs from mid-century modern, which highlights the modern trends of the mid-1900s.

These ideas will guide you towards maximizing your modern bathroom. While incorporating your unique preferences, these suggestions will enhance your creative design.

Combining Rooms

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Small spaces are increasingly merging rooms without the need for a Jack and Jill bathroom. One of these rooms is often a bedroom with another room inside, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Before starting, ensure waterproof flooring and proper plumbing are in place.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Wallpaper is not just a dated way to cover your walls; it can be trendy and alluring like any other wall covering. The key is finding wallpaper that works with your style.

Bathroom wallpaper can work well if it is moisture-resistant. If you can’t find any, a waterproof mural will suffice. Otherwise, place it on walls away from the shower area.

Consider the use of geometric patterns in your wallpaper choice.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Geometrical designs are modern and trending. Find your shapes and stick with them. Any shape can work for a modern bathroom, just make sure different shapes work together.

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Octagons, pentagons, and hexagons are popular, but circles can also make a difference.

Use Interesting Lighting

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Get creative with lighting by backlighting mirrors and using interesting lights above your sink. Backlighting mirrors is easy. Add LED lights behind them or buy special lights.

LED string lights can be placed anywhere and look amazing. Before buying, learn the differences between LED lights and incandescent lights as you will likely prefer one over the other.

Minimize furniture space.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Floor and wall space are important. Some things take up a lot of both. Floating sinks or bars are a great way to free up space while still having the amenities you need.

Minimize the vanity by using a shelf for your sinks with small brackets to support them. Play around with designs and materials before committing because this will be a built-in vanity, not a freestanding one.

Utilize every wall.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Gone are the days of using one wall for the tub and another for the sink and toilet. There are now more options available to utilize space effectively. One way to achieve this is by utilizing your wall space efficiently without cluttering the room.

While it is not necessary to use all of your wall space, it is a good idea to put something on each wall. Many people tend to overlook the wall where the door is located, but it is actually usable space that can help free up space elsewhere.

Consider investing in a bathroom island for added functionality.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Islands aren’t only for the kitchen. You can buy one for the bathroom as well. Getting a countertop island that takes up extra floor space isn’t ideal, but it can work if that’s your preference.

However, it’s usually better to get an island with plenty of storage. Bathroom storage is always modern, so getting a bathroom island can free up space elsewhere.

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Get creative with colors.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

The bathroom can be any color you want. Adding color can make it look more modern and attractive. Use bright colors, or go all out.

Your master bathroom is your own space, so play with color combos that suit your taste and comfort.

Did Someone Say Muslin?

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Muslin is an excellent material for bedding, curtains, and towels. It is a loose-wave fabric made of soft cotton and uses less cotton due to its loose weave, making it eco-friendly.

Although using muslin is optional, it can be used in the bathroom to achieve a modern, soft, and down-to-earth look. Muslin towels are lighter and have less water absorption capacity.

When designing your bathroom, make sure to leave enough counter space for your needs.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Don’t forget to leave counter space in your bathroom. This is a common mistake many people make. When you need space for getting ready or storing soap and lotions, a lack of counter space can be problematic.

If you don’t have enough counter space, you can improvise by getting a fold-out or slide-out counter. For storing soap, opt for wall-mounted dispensers and holders.

Consider installing creative shower heads for a unique bathing experience. These shower heads can enhance your daily routine and add a touch of creativity to your bathroom space.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Showerheads are often purchased and then forgotten, but they don’t have to be. You can find an interesting, amazing, and unique showerhead if you know how to look. Most showerheads sold in standard stores are basic, but if you search around, you can find fantastic options at affordable prices.

Consider looking for waterfall or removable showerheads, or even a smart showerhead.

Invest in standout showerheads with special features.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

A feature piece can greatly enhance the look of your bathroom during the remodeling process. While the choice of the feature piece is subjective, it is often more impactful to use a sink or tub to catch attention, in addition to being practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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Make A Statement

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

Go bold in your bathroom. Use gold or a wall of mirrors. Don’t listen to the haters trying to change your mind.

Sure, some things are distasteful, but that’s only according to the taste of the masses. If you like something others would see as gaudy, that is actually trending. Finding something no one else has thought of will always be in.

Try a different wall covering.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

If you’re tired of traditional drywall in your bathroom, consider using stone or brick for a unique and bold look. While these materials can be more expensive, they offer a superior alternative. However, it’s crucial to prevent excessive moisture buildup, as it can lead to bacteria growth.

To address this, ensure proper air circulation and consider using a dehumidifier. Personalize your bathroom with these unconventional wall options.

15 Bathroom Decor Pictures Featuring A Modern Design

This is the most important tip for interior design. Make your space your own. You can create a space with someone else’s designs.

However, when you fall in love with what you are doing, that will show. So use your creativity and personal taste to create a modern bathroom picture that you would want to be featured.

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