5 Unique Plate Designs

Kevin Brown

5 Unique Plate Designs

A lovely dinner, whether it’s with family or friends, requires more than just cozy décor. It demands complete harmony, from the dinner table to the chairs, and ultimately the plates. Assuming you’ve already taken care of the other elements, we present 5 appealing plate designs for your consideration.

1. Nature sun print dessert plates

5 Unique Plate Designs

First, let’s start with the desert plates, which have a beautiful abstract design. These porcelain plates come in sets of three and feature a lovely botanical print. Each plate has a unique pattern but shares the same beautiful blue color.

They can be purchased for EUR6.19.

Next, we have the Scott Lifshutz appetizer plates.

5 Unique Plate Designs

This set of four appetizer plates showcases an engaging print. Each plate displays a different image of a beloved dog breed, including Airdale, French Bulldog, Boxer, and Bull Terrier. Ownership is not required to appreciate this unique set.

The plates are made of porcelain, dishwasher and microwave safe, and can be purchased for EUR18.58. 3. Spooky canapé plates

5 Unique Plate Designs

If the dog plates weren’t crazy enough, we have spooky plates. This set of four plates is perfect for serving snacks and sweets on Halloween. It can also be used throughout the year if you don’t mind the prints. I like the colors and find the crow and owl cute.

The set is available for EUR18.58.

4. Terracotta tapas plates

5 Unique Plate Designs

Now let’s discuss something simpler: terracotta plates with a minimalistic design and no prints. These versatile plates can be used for serving snacks, appetizers, or main courses. They are made in Portugal and can be purchased for EUR18.57.

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5. Field study rimmed dessert plates

5 Unique Plate Designs

If you prefer a traditional yet modern set of four desert plates, this collection could be the perfect choice. It’s available with either an owl print or botanical flowers, and both designs are inspired by 1950s wallpaper. These plates, made of porcelain, are ideal for salads or snacks. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

The price for the set is EUR24.77.

With these options, you can personalize your dinnerware by selecting the style that best suits you. These five options offer a wide range of choices.

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