Pinterest Predicts Western Gothic Interior Design to Dominate 2024

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Pinterest Predicts: Western Gothic Interior Design to Dominate 2024

In 2023, Cottage Core and Grandmillennial styles were the top home interior design trends. Younger generations preferred them for their soft, cozy aesthetic and vintage elements. However, for 2024, Pinterest predicts a bold and dark shift with the rise of Western Gothic.

Pinterest Predicts Western Gothic Interior Design to Dominate 2024

According to Pinterest, Western Gothic blends dark hues with vintage Western elements: black walls, dark leather furniture, and lots of fringe. If you’re into this style, here’s what you need to know.

Western Gothic combines traditional Gothic interior design from the 12th century with vintage Western decor.

Key features of Western Gothic interior design include:

– Dark Colors Dominate: Dark wall, cabinet, and furniture colors are the base of Western Gothic. Consider black, deep purple, reds, dark greens, and brown. Wallpaper was also standard in medieval Gothic interior design.

– Ornate trimwork: Gothic interior design emphasizes ornate trimwork and accents. You need wood molding on the ceilings, walls, door frames, and around windows.

Weathered, Earthy Accents – Leather furniture, weathered wood, animal hides, and antlers give this style its Western touch.

Oversized and Overstuffed Furniture – Opt for comfortable oversized furniture upholstered in luxurious fabrics like leather or velvet. Tufting is also common for this decor style.

Fringe On Everything – Add Western flair with lots of fringe. Fringe on furniture, rugs, throw blankets, and accessories creates a vintage-cowboy texture.

Dramatic Windows and Stained Glass – Stained glass and arched windows are staples of the Gothic style. These elements are carried forward in the new Western Gothic trend. Achieve this look on a budget by decorating with large, ornate arched mirrors and stained glass transom windows.

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Antique Furniture: Large leather sofas and chairs, as well as antique pieces, are perfect for this style. Seek out wooden accents with intricate carvings, furniture featuring velvet upholstery, and vintage accessories and pictures that bring a Western flair.

Examples of Western Gothic Decor

A Western Gothic Living Room

Pinterest Predicts Western Gothic Interior Design to Dominate 2024

Designed by Nicola from The Girl with the Green Sofa, this living room combines Gothic and Western styles. It incorporates a dark wall, dark furniture, and ornate ceiling molding, which are characteristic of Gothic design. The Western style is introduced through the use of leather furniture, a cowhide rug, and an animal print pillow.

Western Gothic Gallery Wall

Pinterest Predicts Western Gothic Interior Design to Dominate 2024

Redoing an entire room in this new style may be overwhelming. Instead, consider creating a gallery wall with ornate frames and dark walls. This combination evokes a gothic style, enhanced by the presence of an animal skull and horns that embrace Western decor.

Pinterest Predicts Western Gothic Interior Design to Dominate 2024

Combining weathered wood, animal skulls, antlers, and greenery creates an organic southwestern feel in this living room. The dark walls, rug, and coffee table enhance the moody ambiance for a Western Gothic look.

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