Aqua Yellow Cheery Fresh

Kevin Brown

Aqua + Yellow: Cheery & Fresh

Certain color combinations have specific effects. For instance, navy and white evoke nautical notions, while green and brown generate an earthy vibe. Unsurprisingly, aqua and yellow (happy colors in their own right) often create a fresh, friendly, and cheerful style, regardless of where they’re combined.

Living Room.

Aqua Yellow Cheery Fresh

Pale aqua walls are paired with bright yellow chairs in this living room. Gold touches and warm woods add balance to the light space. The largest piece of furniture is a cream-colored sofa and light green-and-white patterned drapes help to keep the aqua and yellow color palette from being overwhelming.

A clear chandelier adds to the airy and light-hearted feel of the room.

Aqua Yellow Cheery Fresh

In this dining room, sweet pastels and rough industrial pieces are perfectly balanced. The wall color resembles that of a nursery, while the buttery yellow chairs could belong in a child’s playroom. However, when combined with a well-proportioned industrial light fixture and a chunky wooden table made from reclaimed wood, the overall look is charming.

Steel legs on the chairs and table unify the design, and the tongue-in-groove painted plank walls add the perfect finishing touch to this cozy eating space.

Aqua Yellow Cheery Fresh

An entire room doesn’t need to be covered in the aqua-and-yellow color combination to have a cheering effect. This corner seating vignette is a perfect example. The colors are a lovely contrast to the deep charcoal wall colors, and the simplicity of the corner is welcoming and calming.

A wall hanging near the chair would be nice but doesn’t have to match the colors. The yellow chevron curtains and aqua printed chair cushions are already enough, as they have been referenced in the dresser knobs and small flower bouquet.

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Work Station.

Aqua Yellow Cheery Fresh

If there’s one place for happy thoughts, it’s the work station. This yellow closet office space, with a pop of aqua when opening the closet doors, provides a happy statement. The colors are neither shy nor bold; they simply say, “Here we are, let’s enjoy this time.” I love this tiny work nook.


Aqua Yellow Cheery Fresh

In home decorating, it is easy to focus solely on the interior and overlook the exterior. However, the outside of our homes is also important. What message does our home’s exterior convey?

This one suggests a lively and welcoming resident. Not everyone has the freedom to decorate the outside of their home as they please due to zoning codes, landlord preferences, or apartment rules, but it is still worth considering. Bright planters in matching colors placed by the front door would create a similar cheerful first impression.

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