Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

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If you want to add a pool to your backyard, the cost and installation of an above ground pool will be your biggest concerns. When you’re ready to buy a pool kit, you’ll want to find the best deals. The last thing anyone wants is to pay too much for a pool kit for their backyard pool.

Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

The cost of above ground pools depends on their shape and size. Similar to determining the average cost of building a house, above ground pools have similar considerations. It is important to note that above ground pools do not have a shallow or deep end, but they do include safety features.

Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

Depending on the size, above ground pool prices are always changing, so research before buying. Above ground pools are more common among homeowners than inground pools because they’re cheaper, easier to install, and not permanent. Prices vary depending on size and model.

They may not have the same water features as inground pools, but pool builders will tell you they cost less and are easier to maintain. Plus, some above ground pools can last 15 years.

Above Ground Pool Kits

Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

Above ground pool kits vary in the extras they include. On average, you can expect to pay $3,000 for a 24-foot pool. However, this price doesn’t cover labor costs or other fees associated with installation.

Smaller pool kits typically cost less than $1,000, while larger ones can be upwards of $10,000.

In terms of amenities, pool kits may come with tarps, umbrellas, skimmers, a pool ladder, floating lights, winter covers, and other features. These extras can cost an additional $500, but you can negotiate with the pool company for a better price. Additional items like a pool deck, liners, or cover will incur extra charges.

If you choose a complete pool kit, you won’t need to worry about add-ons like pool steps. After installation, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is monthly maintenance expenses.

Before purchasing a new pool, you’ll receive a cost breakdown that includes installation costs, extra features, and additional costs. Pool companies often provide free estimates and may offer better deals during the off-season.

Above Ground Pool Installation Cost

Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

There are two components to consider when buying an above ground pool: pricing and installation. The biggest expense you’ll encounter is the installation, so it’s crucial to have a stable soil surface and avoid rocky terrain. Additionally, the pool area must be flat.

Most pool installers can complete the setup in one day. Homeowners typically pay between $15 to $20 per hour per person for labor, and the more workers involved, the shorter the installation time. As an example, with four installers, the cost would range from $500 to $1,500.

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Although it may incur additional expenses, professional installation is highly recommended. Above ground pool installers possess the expertise needed to ensure a successful outcome. When constructing your backyard oasis, it’s essential not to cut corners.

Intex Above Ground Pools

Intex is a top manufacturer of above-ground pools, offering various pool types and accessories. Some of their best deals for 2022 include the Intex 18 feet x 9 feet x 52 inch pool.

Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

This option is under $2000, which is insane for the price and quality of this pool. The pool is almost 4.5 feet deep, perfect for families. If your family is larger, try the 32 square foot option for just under $3,000, the average cost.

Another benefit is the pool’s low electrical requirements.

The great thing about this pool is how beautiful it looks. The gray color with trim is alluring and subtle. When the cover is on, you won’t notice the pool in your backyard.

Intex 24 foot x 12 foot x 52 inch pool

Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

Another option is the 24-foot long pool. It costs under $3,000 and comes with an automatic cleaner and filter. The pools don’t need a tarp and can handle winter weather.

You just set them up on their legs and don’t have to worry about bright pool covers or it being a hazard for those walking around outside.

Choosing The Best Above Ground Pool

Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

Before purchasing a pool, consider a few key factors. Size is crucial – ensure each individual has a minimum of 25 square feet. Depth is important too – teenagers may not enjoy a pool under four feet tall while younger children require a shallower pool for safety. Insulation is a concern in hot locations, as warm water is unpleasant to swim in and can foster harmful bacteria.

Material is also significant, as flimsy edges pose a danger to children. Opt for a sturdy frame and consider a fiberglass pool for added strength. Don’t forget to include a pool liner.

Above ground pools are a good option to explore.

Backyard Above Ground Pool Cost And Installation

There are only a few types of above ground pools on the market. If you want a backyard pool, they are your least expensive option, which is why many people prefer them. Another selling point is how they are low maintenance. If you want something high-end and UV ray protection, then in-ground pools are a better option.

Traditional pools have a semi-permanent frame that is part of the pool. They’re like the RVs of camping, whereas other pools are the tent. “Temporary” pools have two to ten-year warranties, while these pools come with lifetime warranties. They also require a professional team to install.

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Inflatable pools.

An inflatable above ground pool is the cheapest option available today. While they may not come in large sizes, you can still find one that is suitable for your family. However, it’s worth noting that inflatable pools are not safety rated like other types of pools, as they have the tendency to pop and flood your backyard.

On the other hand, steel frame pools are a popular choice. These pools come with hollow steel bars that attach to a canvas covering. They are considered to be both safe and reasonably priced.

Unlike other metal framed models, steel frame pools do not need frequent replacement.

You have the option to keep a steel frame pool up for up to ten years or take it down each year in just one day. Additionally, these pools are naturally resistant to rust. They are also easy to assemble and readily available from swimming pool companies.

Lastly, there’s the collapsible pool, which is another excellent option to consider.

A collapsible pool allows you to pop it up, fill it with water, use it for a summer season, and then break it down and store it. They are smaller and often intended as kiddie pools, but larger versions are available.

A faux in-ground pool is the cheapest way to get an inground pool. You can use any type of above ground pool and build a deck around it. Have the deck coming off of your porch or step up onto it.

From above, the pool will look like a regular pool. The pools cost between $10,000 and $30,000.


How Much Does It Cost To Remove An Above Ground Pool?

If you want to get rid of your above ground pool, you can expect to pay between $300 to $800. If your pool has a deck, it will cost $2,500 to have your pool removed.

To remove an in-ground pool, you’ll pay between $4,000 and $16,000 for full demolition or $2,000 to $10,000 just to fill the space with dirt.

Removing an above ground pool takes about three days depending on the number of people involved. Rushing the process leads to mistakes that can impact your property in the long term.

You must have a pool fence if the pool is 18 inches deep. Local laws may have additional requirements if there is a deck around the pool.

The installation of an above ground pool in the front yard may be subject to local regulations.

Installing an above ground pool in your front yard is not advised, as some cities prohibit this. A pool must typically be at least 20 feet away from the front yard property line, though this can vary by city. Additionally, an enclosure, such as a fence, is required for an above ground pool in the front yard.

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Non-compliance with city ordinances can lead to a fine of up to $6,000.

According to feng shui, a pool should be kidney shaped. Oval or round pools comply with feng shui principles. Your pool should be visible from your windows but not too close to your home. Leave space for energy to circulate and balance the water energy.

Rectangular pools are not good for feng shui.


If you’re looking for cheap above ground swimming pool prices, your best option would be to search online. An above ground pool costs anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000, depending on the size.

If you have small children, consider a kiddie pool for safety. Unless you have a gate that blocks access to your above ground pool, prevent drownings at all costs.

Once you get your pool installed, pool maintenance becomes a daily responsibility. If you’re not ready to commit, you’re not ready for a pool. Also, if you want a lap pool, an above ground pool would not be suitable as they’re not big enough.

One advantage of an above ground pool is how they’re easier to heat. With a pool heater and pool cover, you could swim in colder weather conditions. Keep in mind that a backyard pool comes with responsibilities like maintenance and expenses.

You’ll need to know how to fix your pool pump when it breaks or change a pool filter, for example.

Above ground pool installation isn’t a DIY project. It requires the help of a pool contractor. Either way, you’ll want expert advice when buying and installing an above ground swimming pool.

If you don’t want to buy online, most big box stores sell pool kits.

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