Bank Of America Tower Falls Short Of Green Expectations

Kevin Brown

New York City’s Bank of America Tower stands as the 8th tallest building in Manhattan. It was the city’s first skyscraper to achieve a Platinum LEED certification. However, the structure now faces fines for violating carbon neutrality.

Bank Of America Tower Falls Short Of Green Expectations

The Bank of America Tower in New York City is the tenth tallest building in the US, standing at 1,200 feet with 55 floors, three escalators, and 52 elevators. It was designed by architects Cookfox Adamson and opened in 2009 at a cost of $1 billion.

Located on 6th Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, the building’s address is 1111 Avenue of the Americas and it is also known as 1 Bryant Park. Bank of America chose this location due to its connection with the park and had to apply for a “vanity address.”

The Bank of America Tower is primarily an office building but also includes restaurants, public spaces, a theater, and a subway entrance.

Overall, the Bank of America Tower offers an impressive and versatile space for both work and leisure.

The Bank of America Tower is primarily an office building. The lobby entrance also serves as the platform station for Bryant Park & Fifth Avenue.

The entrance was designed with the subway in mind, and there was a plan to connect the Bryant Park complex with Times Square through an underground passageway. However, due to cost concerns, the developers decided not to proceed with this idea. Consequently, the space remains unused.

North of the lobby, there is an Urban Garden Room open to the public. This space was designed by Margie Ruddick, with her mother Dorothy Ruddick creating the sculptures.

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The 3,500-square-foot area is separated from the lobby by a glass wall. Ferns, moss, and lichen fill the space along with four sculptures. It is also an indoor area where employees can escape, play chess, and enjoy live performances.

Stephen Sondheim Theatre

The Henry Miller Theatre was rebuilt when the Bank of America Tower was built. The theater space has 1,055 seats and includes mementos from the original theatre.

Because the new theater could not be taller than the old facade, the developers removed 70 feet below street level. It’s also soundproofed to not disturb the traders who work in the building.

Big Fines

When the Bank of America Tower was completed in 2010, it was certified LEED Platinum. However, it may incur $2.4 million in annual fines due to a new city law. This law enforces carbon caps for non-compliance with emission limits for NYC’s largest buildings.

Bank of America Tower requires a significant amount of electricity due to the workforce inside the building using computers. While the skyscraper has a few green features, they are insufficient to comply with the upcoming regulations.

Bank of America Tower NYC is one of New York’s tallest buildings, but it is not the only Bank of America building.

The Bank of America Tower Charlotte is a well-known skyscraper. The bank’s corporate headquarters is 871 feet tall, 60 stories, and the tallest building in Charlotte and North Carolina. Comparing the Bank of America Tower Charlotte vs. the Bank of America Tower NYC, the one in New York is taller.

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The Charlotte building is the 174th-tallest building in the world and the 31st-tallest building in the US.

Similarly, the Bank of America Tower Chicago is notable. It has 57 stories and is 816.83 feet tall, making it the tallest commercial office building completed in Chicago in the past 30 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s inside the Bank of America Tower in New York?

The Bank of America occupies about three-fourths of its namesake building. Another main tenant is the Durst Organization, which owns the building.

The Bank of America Tower is the 8th tallest building in New York, standing at a height of 1,200 feet. However, it is not the tallest bank building. The U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles, California, also known as the Library Tower, holds that title at 1,018 feet.

Construction on the Bank of America Tower began in 2004 and was completed in 2009, with Cookfox Adamson serving as the architects for the project.

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