Bed Pillow Arrangements What s Your Number

Kevin Brown

Bed Pillow Arrangements: What’s Your Number?

I sleep with one pillow. Not two, not three, and not eight. But strangely, my bed currently houses five to eight pillows daily. Why?

Probably because it’s pretty. And because sometimes we use lots of pillows to prop ourselves up at night when we’re reading or working. But sometimes (usually when I’m arranging them in the morning after throwing them off the bed the night before), I wonder if there’s an ideal pillow setup for beds…and if that number is fewer than what I’ve got now.

After doing some research, there isn’t one definite number. It all comes down to taste. Here are some ideas of different pillow numbers and arrangements that might strike your fancy.

Bed Pillow Arrangements What s Your Number

The bed pillows in this simple bedroom are perfectly proportioned. Two large, neutrally colored shams, two bright fuchsia lumbar pillows, and one neutral printed bolster pillow are just enough. Textures are subtle but meaningful in each set, and the overall combination is simple, colorful, and functional.

I particularly love how there’s not a lot to toss aside every night.

Bed Pillow Arrangements What s Your Number

Sleek and industrial, this bed includes two euro shams, two standard shams, one square throw, and one small rectangular throw. The shams coordinate with the coverlet, which is a smaller version of the tufted headboard. I appreciate the continuity, especially when contrasted with the vibrant floral and geometric prints.

Bed Pillow Arrangements What s Your Number

This bed has a masculine color and form but also a feminine vibe with its plush comfort. It includes two patterned euro shams, two standard pillows in coordinating sheets, and one full-length velvet patterned bolster. Softness is the main focus here, from the deep tufted upholstered headboard to the thick duvet.

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It looks very inviting.

Bed Pillow Arrangements What s Your Number

If simplicity resonates with you, you may find this setup appealing. Four standard sleeping pillows are stacked at the head of the bed, while two thick down-filled bed pillows draw attention. These plush shams have a single bold stripe and fit perfectly in the contemporary minimalist room.

Bed Pillow Arrangements What s Your Number

This fabulous bed features three dotted euro shams, two neutral throws, one full patterned bolster, and one small rectangular throw. The polka dot print against the dark wood headboard creates a visually powerful and fantastic pairing. The bed has a tight color palette, with each set of pillows playing an important role in the scheme.

Although it may seem like a lot of pillows, I believe this beautiful arrangement is worth it.

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