Best Online Used Furniture Stores Of The Decade

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Best Online Used Furniture Stores Of The Decade

Used furniture stores are one of the best things that the secondhand industry has given us. Just because furniture is used doesn’t mean it’s in bad condition.

Getting new furniture can be exciting for homeowners. But does “new” have to mean never been used? Even skeptics often change their minds after visiting amazing used furniture stores.

Best Online Used Furniture Stores Of The Decade

Shopping for used furniture is unlike adopting a rescue dog. Your choices are purely selfish, as no one will suffer if you decide to buy something new. So, let’s explore our options.

Used furniture stores offer a shopping experience similar to new furniture stores. The main difference is the pricing and ever-changing inventory.

The prices at used furniture stores vary due to the items being pre-owned and the limited availability of each item. This uniqueness also contributes to the higher prices of antiques compared to newer furniture.

When it comes to used furniture stores versus new furniture stores, these factors make a difference.

Finding complete furniture sets in new condition can be challenging, whereas buying used furniture often requires mixing and matching. However, it’s important to remember that you won’t be judged for either choice. Now, let’s explore the best online stores for used furniture.

Best Online Used Furniture Stores Of The Decade

Buying used furniture at local markets is fun, but it’s not always easy to find the time to go to a used furniture store in person. Check out these online used furniture stores to fully furnish your home from the comfort of it.

Facebook Marketplace is easy to use and searches locally. You can join groups or search a specific area with keywords for the items you’re looking for. They have everything from furniture to cars to toys.

The best part is, it’s all linked to Facebook. So you have proof of every conversation. If they refuse to talk on Facebook Messenger, don’t trust them as this can be used against you.

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Chairish is popular for a reason. Despite being relatively new, the quality of its items is amazing. Each item must pass inspection before being listed.


eBay is even more popular than Chairish. It offers a wide range of items. Track your searches if you can’t find what you want. You’ll receive notifications when the item is listed.

The best part is eBay backs your payment method and will refund you if you never receive the item, so you won’t have to deal with the seller.


While they have a variety of furniture options, sometimes their inventory drops. However, when it’s restocked, you can find great deals. Keep an eye on their site and social media pages for updates.

Etsy sells almost as much as eBay, but focuses on homemade or handmade furniture. This means items are generally more expensive, so be strategic when shopping for deals.

To find better prices, search for used furniture instead of handmade pieces. Despite the higher prices, Etsy offers some of the best handmade furniture available. Use credit, debit, or PayPal for payment, as Etsy does not offer refunds for scams, but PayPal does.

AptDeco is another option to consider.

There’s a saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and this couldn’t be truer today. Old furniture is becoming hotter than new furniture, and someone else’s old furniture is new to you and your home.

1st Dibs

The company 1st Dibs sells antique and modern furniture. Their prices are often higher than most because they only sell high-end furniture on their site. Getting your furniture listed can be difficult because of this.

But it also means you will only find the best when shopping at used furniture stores. If you are looking for the best and are willing to pay for it, then you won’t find a better place than 1st Dibs.

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Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Previously called Krrb and now known as Apartment Therapy Bazaar, this platform was acquired by Apartment Therapy a few years ago. They specialize in selling high-end furniture and home decor with an eclectic style. The majority of their products have a mid-century modern design, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. If this is your preferred style, you’ll easily find what you need by browsing through their store.

Another option to consider is Craigslist, which remains a popular choice for buying used furniture and other items. In addition to furniture, Craigslist also has listings for job opportunities. To find what you’re looking for, search for your nearest city or enter your zip code to browse listings within a specific radius.

How To Sell Used Furniture At Used Furniture Stores

Selling your own furniture at used furniture stores is a simple process. Most stores allow you to list your items without many restrictions on quality.

The process usually goes like this:

  1. Take pictures of the item – Start by taking high-quality pictures of your furniture. Good lighting is important as it can significantly impact the success of your sale.
  2. Create an account – Register on a secure website by providing your information. Ensure that you fill in all the required details.

Enter details – you will now be taken through everything you need to enter. Make sure you let them know the condition of the item, even if there’s not a place for it, say it in the description.

Name a price – this is important! Shop around the site and other sites to find an appropriate price. If you believe your item is valuable, then hire an appraiser to assess the item for you first.

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Upload pictures – upload the pictures you took. You can upload them directly with your phone or email them to yourself. From there, you can open the email in a browser, download, and reupload.

Click “finished” – now you’re all set! Triple check the information you entered and then click Finish. Your item is now listed and hopefully will sell quickly!

Online Used Furniture Stores Tip:

People can buy your item. When they do, you can accept the offer and ship the item to them within the allotted time. If you don’t send it, they can ask for a refund and it will be taken out of your account if the website can’t resolve it with you.

It’s simple and very few problems occur. So you can rest easy knowing that your purchases will go smoothly and that selling stuff is a-okay. Just make sure you send tracking numbers with your items for proof of delivery.

Is Buying at Used Furniture Stores Safe?

You can shop online without leaving your living room, which is one of the perks of online shopping. While going to the market can be enjoyable, the future is clearly online.

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