Best Solar Companies To Install Solar Panels

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Best Solar Companies To Install Solar Panels

The solar companies vary each year as new solar companies are formed. With so many threats to the environment and our economy, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. Solar energy is the future.

Best Solar Companies To Install Solar Panels

When switching to solar panels, finding the right installation company can be challenging. To help, we’ve gathered the best options. When choosing a solar installation company, consider a few key factors that apply to all families. First, prioritize costs, including upfront, monthly, and maintenance costs.

Some companies provide free maintenance, while others do not. Therefore, it’s crucial to have someone to discuss these concerns with after installation.

Do solar panels deliver as promised? Although it’s challenging to verify it beforehand, there are ways to gauge their performance and the reliability of the company. Firstly, consider customer reviews on various platforms.

Positive feedback is a good indication. Additionally, check if they offer an extended warranty for their products.

It’s crucial to recognize that solar panels are not a one-size-fits-all solution. A reputable solar installation company understands this. Prior to making a purchase, ensure that the company can provide a customized order to address your specific needs. Avoid companies that claim one type of panel and system will work universally.

It’s essential for them to collaborate with you and consider the unique requirements of your home.

Switching to solar panels is important. If you aren’t doing it for the environment, you may not want to switch at all. Reducing the carbon footprint and energy usage is a wonderful thing.

Learn about the company’s stance on these matters before committing. Some companies may prioritize profit over the quality of their solar panels or installation.

Best Solar Companies To Install Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation Companies

There are many solar panel companies that can install solar panels for you, but not all are equal. Here are some popular options:

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Best Solar Company: Sunpower

Sunpower is the most popular option, consistently earning the title of “Best Overall.” They prioritize the environment, making them a great choice for solar panel installation.

Sunpower’s panels differ from others in their strength, thickness, and durability. Instead of using thin material, they utilize larger, long-lasting pieces.

Best Solar Companies: Tesla

If you want top-tier solar panels, look no further than Tesla. Their Solar Roof doesn’t just add solar panels to your yard; it transforms your roof into a sleek and efficient solar-powered machine.

The Solar Roof, developed by Tesla, may come at a high price, but it’s worth it. These tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and come with a 25-year warranty.

And the best part? They blend in seamlessly with your roof. With their sleek design and weatherproof construction, they look just like regular roof tiles, but they generate clean, renewable energy all year round.

Best Solar Companies: Renogy

You can get a complete setup for under $1000, which is very affordable in the solar panel world. However, for a larger and more powerful setup, you’ll need a stronger and more expensive kit, such as for houses.

You can buy chargers, converters, and other portable gear for your home from Renogy. You don’t even need to get a quote, you can shop on their site, just like on Amazon. If you know what you’re doing, this is a super easy route.

Sunworks, Inc. is often considered the best solar option in California, which has the most homes with solar panels in the country.

With five locations across California, you can easily visit one near you. Their continuous expansion may even bring them to other states if all goes well. This trusted company has been around for twenty years and offers a warranty that is longer than that. Their goal is to eliminate the need for electric companies and let you generate your own energy. Do you consider yourself a solar expert?

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If so, Unbound Solar may be the right company for you. They specialize in DIY solar panels and offer limitless options. You can work directly with them to design your own panels.

Then you get a lifetime of free support, so you can call them with any questions or concerns, and they are there to answer them. You can create a lifetime relationship with Unbound Solar.

Vivint Solar is another popular choice. They are available in over twenty states and always customize orders to suit their customers.

You can also plan ahead on your energy costs, so you don’t have a surprise bill that is higher than you anticipated. This is something special about solar panels that you can’t get anywhere else.

Best Solar Companies: LG Solar

Chances are you have, or have had, something LG in your home. That’s because they make everything from TVs to refrigerators to mobile phones. They control the electronic world.

They can do it all with only LG solar panels to power it. Their panels are trusted and they will work with you through the entire process of installing them, from consultation to maintenance.

They even have a tool that allows you to calculate future savings when switching to their panels. Just add your address and see what you could save over your lifetime.

Best Solar Companies: Sungevity

Sungevity is a great solar installation company! They currently serve California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, but they should be expanding soon because they are well-loved.

What makes them special is their ability to install solar panels almost anywhere, including roofs, the ground, or other locations, even freestanding panels. This sets them apart from most other companies.

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In terms of pricing, they offer good options. Their plans are customized, and you can lease a 6.5-kilowatt system starting at $65-155 per month. Do your electric bills fall within that range?

Trinity Solar: A Top Solar Company

Over their lifetime, they have installed over 65,000 solar panel systems, which is impressive considering their longevity. They also collaborate with numerous local companies in the area, fostering economic support. For more information on solar energy in the regions they cover, visit their website.

Nowadays, solar energy is undeniably the future, and it should be embraced wholeheartedly. If you’re considering a switch, do it confidently. By making the transition today, you’ll make a positive impact on both the environment and your electricity expenses.

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