Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

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Choose From These Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Lighting in the home is often an afterthought or something that is simply dealt with. However, it is important not only for illuminating a space but also for adding ambiance, style, and artistry.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Today’s lighting fixtures are important for home decor, adding personality and style to any room. The type of lighting you choose can enhance a space, expressing personal desires and highlighting existing features. The available styles are vast and there is an ideal fixture for every room.

Types of Light

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Before choosing a fixture, it’s crucial to understand the various types of lighting sources available. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, emitting light with different qualities. Here’s an overview of the available lighting sources and their distinctions.


This used to be the primary lighting used in residential homes. Incandescent bulbs, also known as traditional light bulbs, screw into a base and produce light by heating a filament, causing it to glow. These bulbs are inexpensive to manufacture and emit light in all directions.

Additionally, they are highly regarded for their color rendering abilities.

Incandescent bulbs are generally the least efficient and limit fixture design options. “Long life” bulbs have stronger filaments but are still inefficient. Certain US states have banned incandescent bulbs and manufacturers are striving for greater efficiency. By 2025, new regulations will require more energy-efficient lighting, eliminating wasteful incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Halogen lighting is an energy-efficient type of incandescent bulb made of small capsules filled with halogen gas. It encloses a heated filament, increasing efficiency. Some also have a special coating to boost efficiency. While more expensive, they are less costly to use.

However, they emit a lot of heat and can be hazardous. They need to be used with a metal shield for protection in case of explosion, which can limit their use in certain designs.

Moving on to fluorescent lighting…

Fluorescent lights, commonly found in public buildings, stores, and offices, are typically in the form of circular or tubular styles. These lights were commonly used in areas of the home that required additional illumination such as laundry rooms, kitchens, workshops, or closets. However, there has been a recent shift towards more efficient lighting options in residential settings.

Compact fluorescent lamps, also known as CFLs, have an integral ballast and a regular screw-in base. They have the same energy efficiency as traditional fluorescent bulbs, but with the convenience of regular incandescent bulbs and an energy savings of 75%. CFLs are becoming more common in all areas of the home and can last up to 15 times longer than a typical light bulb.

Recycling is important because CFLs contain a small amount of mercury, which can be environmentally hazardous.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

LED, short for light-emitting diode, has revolutionized lighting design with its energy efficiency and durability. LED lights are not only 25 times longer lasting, but they also remain cool to the touch. This allows them to be used in innovative designs that were not possible with traditional incandescent bulbs.

The LED itself is a small, 5-millimeter diameter light source that emits white light by combining green, red, and blue. These lights emit light in a single direction, making them ideal for task lighting. Additionally, they are safe to use because they stay cool and are often housed in epoxy rather than glass, such as in Christmas lights.

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LEDs have a few disadvantages. They are not always dimmable and emit more blue light, which scientists say can disrupt sleep cycles.

For outdoor lighting, solar power is the most energy-efficient option. Solar lighting is easy-care and won’t affect your electric bill. However, not every area or property is conducive to using solar lighting. Cloudy or heavily shaded areas may not provide enough light, and fixtures won’t run as long.

Less light in winter months will also affect run times by 30 to 50 percent.

A mass of glass globes is beautifully displayed on a table, each one different in size and color, capturing the light and creating a dazzling effect. The globes are delicate and fragile, yet they are also fascinating and captivating. As you look closer, you can see intricate details within each globe, like tiny bubbles and swirls, adding to their allure.

The glass globes, although small in size, have the power to transport you into a different world. Each one tells a unique story, reflecting the creativity and skill of the artist who crafted it. They are not just decorative objects, but pieces of art that can transform any space they are placed in.

When you hold a glass globe in your hand, you can’t help but appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its creation. The smoothness of the glass, the precision of the design, and the vibrant colors all contribute to its appeal. It is a testament to the artist’s talent and dedication.

Glass globes have a timeless beauty that transcends trends and fads. They have been treasured throughout history and continue to be sought after today. Whether used as a centerpiece on a table, a focal point on a shelf, or a gift for a loved one, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting.

In conclusion, glass globes are more than just decorative objects. They are works of art that can enhance any space and captivate the viewer. Their beauty and craftsmanship make them truly special and deserving of appreciation.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or give a unique gift, consider a glass globe.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Chandeliers used to have a typical shape, but with various types of ceiling installations, the range of options is now much wider. Embassy Interiors of Poland offers a fixture with oversized dimpled glass globes suspended at different heights from a metal plate on the ceiling. This type of chandelier is perfect for a tall entryway, a large dining area, or a room with a higher ceiling.

Outdoor accessory lighting is also an important aspect to consider.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

As we transform outdoor spaces into extensions of indoor rooms, accent lighting can enhance the outdoor ambience. The Ropy Table Lamp from Royal Botania Outdoor serves as a perfect accent on a coffee or side table. With solar-powered LED and USB recharging capabilities, this portable lamp allows you to freely use it anywhere outdoors.

It is constructed with coated aluminum and polyolefin fiber.

Wall lighting can also serve as an art form.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Wall lighting not only provides mood illumination but also acts as wall art. This arrangement features the Folia fixture from Crystal St. Louis, which makes a stunning statement.

Inspired by the forests near the manufacturing facility in Moselle, France, this piece has a handcrafted base and crystal shades adorned with geometric and organic carvings that pay homage to leaves.

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Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Adding a modern edge to décor is easy with geometric pendants like these from CVL. This grouping is from the Calé(e) collection of geometric patterns that play on a visual imbalance of simple forms. The arrangement is customizable and the cluster of pendants can be as big or small as desired.

A variety of metal finishes are available but the round disc is always rendered in the black finish.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Studio Kalff’s Glass Droplet fixtures are a unique blend of vintage glassware and modern design. These hand-made pendants transform the function and form of the original objects, resulting in a completely fresh look. The fusion of detailed pieces with minimalist orbs and capsules creates versatile home decor suitable for any style.

Portable and Versatile

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Although designed for the outdoors, Fermob’s lamps are versatile due to their cordless and USB rechargeable features. This collection features the Balad Lamp in various sizes, which is a modern handheld lantern, and the round MOOON! Lamp, inspired by 19th century Parisian street lamps. Both lamps offer adjustable light temperature settings and dimming capabilities, and are made with aluminum frames and a polyethylene diffuser.

Stylish and functional, these lamps can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Versatile and Stylish

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Large and dramatic lighting fixtures are perfect for tall spaces such as entryways or living rooms with high cathedral ceilings. The Linea from Brand Van Egmond offers a modern design that combines artistic elegance with functionality. The Linea floats in the air, showcasing its light and metal components like a swirling motion.

Despite the seemingly random placement of its linear sections, this suspension light fixture creates a cohesive and visually pleasing effect, adding a touch of theatricality to any room.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

The Bahia wall art from Foscarini serves as both a stylish fixture and a striking sconce. Its soft appearance resembles the sun or moon, offering understated charm during the day and a captivating glow at night. With its changing shadows and varying depths of light, this all-white piece creates a magical and diffused luminescence that can enhance any room in your home.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

The Mytilus pendant is inspired by the undulating movement of sand on the ocean floor, conveying a sense of movement. Designed by Arturo Alvarez, these pendants are made from painted stainless steel mesh and come in various organic forms for both ceiling and wall lighting.

The mesh allows for light and shadow to interact, evoking the waves and constant motion of the water and sand. Single pendants add style, while grouping the large and medium sizes creates an artistic focal point.

The Mytilus pendant collection offers customizable linear elements.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

LED technology has enabled advancements in lighting fixtures like the Halo Wall Sconce from Vibia of Barcelona. The modular design allows for customizable arrangements, both large and small.

Each stick features a double methacrylate cover that provides a diffused lighting quality, concealing the LED technology. The Halo Wall Sconce, designed by Martin Azùa, is part of a larger collection. Its versatility allows for limitless arrangement possibilities.

Painted Metal Designs

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Simple rounds serve as the foundation for the stylish Timeo pendant lights from Masiero of Italy. Omri Revesz, the designer, transforms painted metal elements into fixtures that are modern yet resemble glowing beings ready to take flight, almost like moths. The small pendants are part of the larger Timeo family of light fixtures, which also includes medium and large pendants with a different, yet still dramatic, appearance.

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These artful pieces are suitable for various decor styles, from modern to transitional.

Innovative Floor and Table Designs

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

When it comes to contemporary table and floor lamps, the Papilio from Masieri is a customizable and unique design. Inspired by the movement of butterfly wings, this lamp allows for individual choice in the number and positioning of shades and Murano glass globes. Created by Armando Bruno and Alberto Torres, the Papilio is a fresh and stylish addition to any room, available in both floor lamp and table lamp sizes.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

To prevent home design from becoming too serious, it’s a good idea to add whimsy. These humorous lamps from Seletti are perfect for keeping the mood light. For a small touch, choose one of the cute white mice named Step, Lop, and Mac, each carrying their own light. These funny lighting fixtures by Marcantonio are sure to capture the attention of family and friends. If you prefer something bolder, the mischievous monkey bug can sit on a shelf or hang from the wall, providing a bulb to light the way.

Designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, the monkey is also available in an outdoor model.

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Today’s modern chandelier designs challenge traditional notions. More modular and sleek, fixtures like the Interweave from Artemide combine lighting with sensors and speakers. The flexible system features cylinders of different sizes, connected by a flexible LED fixture that runs among them.

Designer Pallavi Dean highlights the cylinders with multiple cuts. The arrangement is customizable and controllable via the Artemide App or Alexa voice control. This innovative design combines functions in a stylish way.

Big and Bold

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Big lighting fixtures are a good choice in open plan spaces because they don’t overwhelm the decor. Adriani & Rossi’s Plissè Vogue Lamp is a great example. The fabric shade is large yet light, with a Murano glass globe at the center. The lamp comes in neutral, dark gray, and bordeaux.

When using a statement pendant lamp in the middle of the room, there’s no need for excessive detail cluttering the space.

Artful Industrial Style

Choose From These Fresh Lighting Fixtures For Style and Personality

Inspired by the melting watches in Salvador Dalí’s paintings, the pendant light design from Tosca Design for Tonin exudes a surrealistic vibe. The Dalí pendant showcases fused glass that appears to melt over oak wood supports, housing a recessed LED light. This light fixture, available as a table model as well, is suspended by a genuine leather strap.

Despite its industrial undertones, the combination of materials imparts a refined and modern feel to this lighting fixture.

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