Choosing Pet Kid Friendly Furniture Choices

Kevin Brown

Choosing Pet & Kid Friendly Furniture

Our pets and children, beloved members of our families, can sometimes be destructive to our furniture. Choosing suitable furniture that can withstand their activities can be challenging for homeowners. Factors such as your family’s lifestyle, the amount of traffic generated by your pets and kids, and your design preferences should be taken into account.

Don’t worry, you can still have beautiful furniture while accommodating your children and pets. Consider these tips to guide your decision-making process.

Choosing Pet Kid Friendly Furniture Choices

Choosing the right material:

Furniture materials vary in their ability to resist stains and fur. Leather is often a good choice for easy cleanup as it allows food stains and fur to slide right off. However, leather can be easily scratched by cats or animals with claws, making it a disadvantage for many pet owners. Additionally, leather can be difficult to clean if your children like to use ballpoint pens or markers, as certain types of ink may be hard to remove.

Cloth materials like microfiber and tweed have a tight weave that repels stains and are easy to clean if necessary.

Choosing Pet Kid Friendly Furniture Choices

Choose colorful furniture:

Another way to manage stains caused by kids and pets is to use patterned furniture. This will help divert attention from the stains until you can clean them. Opt for darker and patterned materials, especially bold prints, which are great for homes with active toddlers or pets that constantly drop food, sippy cups, and pet treats.

Consider your home’s lifestyle, the age of your children, and the behavior of your pets when selecting furniture.

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Choosing Pet Kid Friendly Furniture Choices

Designate a dedicated area:

While keeping your children or pets confined to a single area in your home is unrealistic, you can still create a unique living space for them with their own pet bed or specialized children’s furniture. Pet beds have significantly improved in recent years and are now available from designer brands, alongside traditional sofas and chairs at local furniture stores. Children’s furniture stores also offer comfortable recliners, table, and chair sets that kids may prefer over a Queen Anne chair!

Choosing Pet Kid Friendly Furniture Choices
Choosing Pet Kid Friendly Furniture Choices

Think twice before assuming that your home must have worn-out furniture because of your kids or pets. Follow these tips to find beautiful furniture that can withstand your family’s lifestyle. Consider the needs of your children and pets, and choose materials, patterns, and textures accordingly.

Our homes become beautiful retreats thanks to our loved ones, so let’s make sure our furniture can withstand their presence.

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