Concrete Recycling 101 Give New Life to Old Concrete

Kevin Brown

Concrete Recycling 101: Give New Life to Old Concrete

If you’re tearing down a wall of blocks or smashing up your old concrete driveway, you’ll need to dispose of it. When you can’t give away the old concrete, recycling is your best option.

Concrete Recycling 101 Give New Life to Old Concrete

Concrete recycling is the process of turning old concrete into a new product. Recycling facilities can pulverize the concrete and use it as aggregate for construction projects or create landscaping rocks, blocks, or new concrete. The method of recycling depends on the size of the job. For large commercial projects, recyclers may pulverize the concrete on-site to reduce costs and pollution.

In other cases, large slabs are taken to a quarry and transformed into smaller pieces like pavers or blocks. To recycle concrete from residential projects, it is best to find a concrete recycler and contact them for more information.

If you have a small amount of concrete and a suitable vehicle, you can take it to a recycling center yourself. If you have larger amounts to dispose of, a building materials specialist may be interested in picking it up or can guide you to other options.

To find a concrete recycler in your area, search on Google, Earth911, or your state’s EPA website.

Other options for recycling concrete include:

– Renting a construction and demolition dumpster: Check in advance for companies that recycle the waste instead of taking it to the landfill.

– Transporting the concrete to a construction and demolition recycling station: These centers accept various types of recyclable building materials, including concrete.

  • Hire a junk hauling service – A junk hauling service can load up and deliver your concrete to a recycling center.
  • Where to Buy Concrete Recycled Aggregate
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    A quick Google search should reveal local aggregate companies offering recycled concrete. Buying recycled aggregate is cheaper than natural aggregate, and using it helps support recycling programs and keeps this reusable building material out of the landfill.

  • How to Recycle Concrete Blocks
  • Concrete blocks are easier to give away than crushed concrete slabs. Give your old concrete blocks new life by listing them on Freecycle, Facebook groups, or Craigslist. You can also deliver them to a concrete recycling center or construction and demolition recycling center.

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