Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

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Craftsman Interior Doors: Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

Craftsman interior doors are the perfect finishing touch for a Craftsman-style home. This detail enhances the overall design and adds authenticity to the home.

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

This American style door promotes originality, simplicity of form, the use of local materials, and handcrafted quality, as stated by Arts and Crafts Homes.

Craftsman interior doors are characterized by their simple and unaffected design. The traditional Craftsman door design features two lower vertical panels that cover the bottom two thirds of the door, intersecting a single horizontal panel that covers the top third. This design is commonly used for Craftsman front doors, with the top panel comprised of one or multiple glass inserts.

The versatility of this design also allows it to be suitable for traditional, farmhouse, rustic, and contemporary style homes.

Craftsman-style interior doors typically have recessed panels and straight or eased edge stiles and rails. Some variations, known as Storybook-style doors, have a curved top panel and rail. Additionally, some Craftsman doors have glass panes, like interior French doors, to allow light to filter between rooms.

The Craftsman style home was the dominant design in the United States from approximately 1905 to the 1920s. This style was influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement in England.

These ideas celebrating simple forms and hand-crafted items were introduced in the US by furniture maker Gustav Stickley and promoted in his magazine, The Craftsman. In California, brothers Charles and Henry Greene began to build homes based on this philosophy. Their designs emphasized straightforward designs with a focus on natural forms and materials.

In 1903, they began designing homes known as “Craftsman bungalows.” By 1909, they had perfected this style and promoted it in magazines like Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, and The Ladies Home Journal.

The small one-story home style became popular, incorporating low-pitched roofs, timber frames, exposed rafters, tapered roof supports, wide window and door casings, and simple paneled doors, known today as Craftsman-style doors. Historic Craftsman style commonly used unpainted wood trim to highlight the beauty of natural wood, but you can now find modern interior Craftsman doors in both painted and stained variations.

Popular Interior Craftsman Door Styles

The heyday of Craftsman style homes in the United States lasted over 20 years, and the style remains popular today. There are various interior Craftsman door style variations available.

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3 Panel Craftsman Interior Door

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

Belmont Doors offers a highly traditional Craftsman-style interior door. The door has three recessed panels, with one larger horizontal panel at the top and two vertical recessed panels intersecting it to form a “T” pattern. It has a natural wood finish, which is characteristic of Craftsman interior doors.

Additionally, Belmont Doors offers a 3 Panel Painted Craftsman Interior Door.

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

HomeStory Doors of Chicago produces a 3-panel Craftsman interior door. This door features the classic Craftsman panel shape but is painted for a modern look.

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

If you want a twist on the traditional look, consider a 3 panel Craftsman door with flipped panels. The largest recessed panel is at the bottom with two long vertical panels on the top.

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

4 Panel Craftsman Interior Door:

The clean and simple design of BCN Homes’ interior Craftsman-style doors makes them ideal for a contemporary home. These doors feature 3 panel configurations with horizontal panels of the same size. Their versatility allows them to complement both historic and modern aesthetics.

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

There are 4 panel Craftsman interior door options, which vary based on door panel shapes. The most common varieties include 4 recessed panels with a central rail and stile separating them. Another popular style features 4 horizontal panels of the same size from top to bottom.

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

A 2 panel Craftsman interior door is a stylish and minimalistic option. It has two recessed panels, with the size of the top and bottom panels varying. This painted door from the Stirling Group showcases a larger top panel in a second story addition.

Another option is the Single Batten Panel Craftsman Interior Door.

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

There are several styles of Craftsman interior doors, including those with a single recessed panel. Belmont Door offers a design with one recessed panel and a batten design. The batten doors consist of small vertical boards arranged side by side to form the panel.

Double Craftsman Interior Doors

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

Craftsman-style homes commonly utilize Craftsman interior doors throughout the entire house. These walnut double 3 panel doors from Everwood Custom Woodworking have a clear finish that enhances the wood’s beauty. Use these sets for closets or pantries in Craftsman style homes to complement the larger architectural design.

Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

Not all Craftsman interior doors have recessed panels. Some have glazing, both plain and decorative. The decorative glazing includes beveled, cut, and stained glass designs.

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HomeStyle offers Craftsman interior French doors with a 9-lite Craftsman mullion pattern that highlights the straight lines of the Craftsman style.

There are various construction types and materials used in today’s interior door market, including Craftsman interior doors. Consider the qualities and cost of each door type to determine the best one for your needs.

Craftsman solid wood interior doors are another option to consider.

Solid wood doors are made from natural wood, rather than engineered into veneer or plywood. A Craftsman interior wood door is the most authentic type, perfect for highlighting the historic Craftsman look in your home. Solid wood doors are the best at keeping out drafts, insulating noise transfer, and offering an attractive and authentic replica of the historic style.

Cost – Solid wood interior doors are the most expensive, ranging from $300-$700 per door.

Heavy – Solid wood interior doors are heavy and sometimes require alteration to fit the door frame. This can make hanging them without help difficult for some DIYers.

Maintenance – Solid wood doors require regular sealing to keep them looking their best.

Craftsman Solid Core Interior Door

Craftsman solid core doors have an exterior skin made from wood veneer, covering a solid center filled with wood particles, such as MDF.

These types of interior doors are durable and more affordable than solid wood doors. Although they have just a veneer skin, you can find solid-core doors that can be stained or painted.


– Solid core doors insulate interiors well.


– Solid core doors are the most soundproof option due to their excellent soundproofing qualities.


– Solid core doors look similar to solid wood doors.


– Solid core doors offer most of the benefits of solid wood doors at a lower price, ranging from $70-$250 per door on average.


– Hanging solid core doors requires at least two people.

Authentic Style:

– Solid core Craftsman doors resemble solid wood doors but are not the same. For a true Craftsman style, it’s best to choose solid wood doors.

Craftsman Hollow Core Interior Door

Interior hollow core doors have a wood or fiberboard veneer on the outside, covering a honeycomb interior of plastic or cardboard. They are the most popular type of painted interior door due to their low cost.

  • Cost: Hollow core doors are the most cost-effective craftsman interior door, priced at $50-$150 per door.
  • Attractive: When painted, these doors resemble a solid Craftsman interior door style.
  • Light: Hollow core doors are easy to install.
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They provide minimal soundproofing from room to room.

  • Hollow core Craftsman interior doors are not authentic in terms of finish or material.
  • These doors will not last over time.
  • Craftsman Interior Door Hardware

    Metalwork played a significant role in the Arts and Crafts movement, making door hardware an important finishing touch for your Craftsman doors.

    Choose from a variety of suppliers offering Craftsman interior door handles and strap hinges for attaching the door to the frame.

    Simple Craftsman Door Handle

    Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

    A simplistic door handle with clean lines and a black finish is suitable for farmhouse and traditional styles.

    Craftsman Interior Doors Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

    This ornate craftsman door knob and plate emphasize the qualities of handmade over machine production. Use this style if you want a Craftsman home with historic authenticity.

    Craftsman Interior Door Trim

    The trim around Craftsman interior doors is simple and square, which works best with the simple style doors.

    The most common option is to have side casing on either side of the door that goes straight to the floor. The head casing above the door may have decorative touches like a bead below it and a cap or crown on the top.

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