Funky Items Every Eclectic Bedroom Needs

Kevin Brown

Funky Items for an Eclectic Bedroom

One theme, color, texture, or idea isn’t enough to create a funky, eclectic space. It’s all about embracing the weird, the different, the out-of-the-box, and having fun with mixing and matching. So, how can we create the perfect eclectic bedroom?

What items do we need to make a stylish and aesthetically interesting personal space? Today, we’re sharing the essential funky items for every eclectic bedroom. Sit back, relax, and take notes!

1. Interesting Art Collection

Funky Items Every Eclectic Bedroom Needs

Whether thrift store finds or expensive pieces acquired over time, an art collection should adorn the bedroom walls. It creates a unique look that showcases your personal taste and inspiration.

Funky Items Every Eclectic Bedroom Needs

Patterns can be found on the rug, walls, bed, and even the curtains. Use patterns well, but be mindful of colors and size. Too much can be messy, but just enough is stylish and unique.

3. A fantastic chair.

Funky Items Every Eclectic Bedroom Needs

You may need a place to sit and read, put on your shoes in the morning, or write your weekly to-do lists. Either way, you need an amazing chair with lots of personality in your eclectic room. The furniture is your foundation, and chairs with a funky oomph are easy to find and DIY.

4. A Jazzy Clock

Funky Items Every Eclectic Bedroom Needs

Add a clock to your wall collage or nightstand. Clocks can add a fun and whimsical touch to your eclectic decor. Choose from a variety of styles, shapes, and designs, opting for vintage, distressed, or extra large options over digital ones.

Funky Items Every Eclectic Bedroom Needs

A floor lamp, a Victorian light for the night table, or a chandelier from different walks of life, your bedroom needs attention. It can’t just be any light. Make it a piece of art.

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Make it inspiring and a part of the overall ethos.
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