How To Cut PVC Pipe Straight And Smoothly

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Cutting PVC Pipe: A Guide

Cutting PVC pipe is a straightforward process that requires the right tools. PVC pipes are versatile and can be used in various practical and recreational applications.

How To Cut PVC Pipe Straight And Smoothly

Many refuse to use them, even if they know how, simply because they are difficult to cut. The truth is that with the right tool, PVC pipe is as easy to cut as a plastic straw with scissors!

PVC pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride, a durable plastic. They are commonly used for water and plumbing systems, and have largely replaced copper, lead, and steel pipes due to their affordability.

PVC pipes come in various sizes and shapes. You can use them for plumbing or get creative with PVC projects. Once you start working with PVC pipe, you may become hooked.

So, what can you do with cut PVC pipe?

How To Cut PVC Pipe Straight And Smoothly

PVC pipes have various uses beyond plumbing. Here are some examples:


PVC pipes are widely used for plumbing due to their resistance to mold, insects, and damage.

Animal Feeders

PVC pipes can be used to create automatic animal feeders. One common method is to use a large PVC pipe with a small elbow at the bottom to hold the feed supply.


Cut PVC pipes can help organize drawers and shelves for a minimalist lifestyle. You can glue them together or leave them loose. PVC pipes can also be used in gardening to create plant towers or planters with perforations.

In furniture, PVC pipes can be used to make chairs, shelves, and tables, although additional materials may be needed for a complete piece of furniture. PVC pipes have various other applications as well.

There’s no limit to what you can create with PVC pipes. Create soccer goals, French drains, and even lighting. Your creativity is the limit.

Turn something unique into a PVC creation.

How To Cut PVC Pipe With A PVC Cutter

How To Cut PVC Pipe Straight And Smoothly

A PVC cutter is the easiest tool to cut a PVC pipe. To use a PVC cutter, steady the pipe and clip it. Before cutting, mark the pipe to ensure proper alignment.

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A rubber band can help create an even mark.

How To Cut PVC Pipe With A Handsaw

How To Cut PVC Pipe Straight And Smoothly

Cutting PVC pipe with a handsaw is the cheapest and most straightforward way. It requires strength and a steady hand. Before cutting, be sure to mark the pipe. Use a clamp to keep the pipe steady if needed.

Start a little longer than necessary for your first attempt.

How To Cut PVC Pipe Straight And Smoothly

A miter saw is effective for cutting PVC pipe. Although not specifically made for this purpose, it is commonly used because many people already own a miter saw.

Both full-sized and mini miter saws can be used to cut PVC pipe. If the pipe is attached to something else, a mini miter saw is recommended for a more precise cut.

One example of a PVC project is a magazine holder. This project showcases the versatility and ease of creating useful items with PVC pipe.

How To Cut PVC Pipe Straight And Smoothly

For this project, you need 6 pipes that are 35cm, 2 that are 25cm, and 8 elbows. Get plenty of fabric for the magazine holder because doubling it up will give it extra strength.

Step 1: Sand The PVC Pipes before cutting

Sanding the pipes removes the stamps and allows the elbows to stay secure when attached. This also works well when gluing.

Step 2: Attach The Elbows

Attach the elbows to the short pipes and two of the long pipes. This is the easiest way to keep track of your progress.

Step 3: Assemble

Place the short pipes on the table with the elbows facing up. Attach the two short pipes to four long ones. Then, add the two elbowed long pipes to the top.

This concludes the assembly.

For painting, any type of paint can be used, but spray paint is recommended for PVC pipe due to its excellent coverage. Choose a color that matches the fabric selected for the holder.

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To attach the fabric, use fabric glue to create a large loop by gluing the fabric to itself. Watch the video for a visual demonstration of this step. Lay the PVC pipe assembly on the fabric, glue it, and then flip it over.

And that’s it – you’re done!

Now you are done. You can use this magazine holder for anything. Cats love it!

You can add sides to create a hamper. It is a great base for any purpose.

Best Tools to Cut PVC Pipe

There are tools you can use to cut PVC pipe. Some people use a utility knife or a skill saw, but these are difficult to use for a straight cut.

That’s why we have gathered the best tools for cutting PVC pipes. You can buy them on Amazon, and we have provided links for purchasing these PVC pipe cutting tools at a great price. They will be useful later!

Best Miter Saw: DEWALT Miter Saw

Metabo offers a cheaper option for miter saws, but DEWALT’s miter saw is a favorite among saw enthusiasts. It can be purchased upfront or paid for in installments at an incredible price.

A miter saw is versatile and can be used in any construction area. Many recommend it as the essential cutting tool.

DEWALT Atomic Mini Saw is the best choice for a mini saw, also known as a circular hand saw. Unlike a mini chainsaw, it is ideal for cutting PVC pipes with its thin blade.

Again, one of your best options is a DEWALT saw. The DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Circular Saw has a four-and-a-half-inch blade. It is easy to use and can cut almost anything under a couple of inches wide.

Best PVC Cutter: Zantlea Pipe And Tube Cutter

This will be one of your cheapest options. You can get this PVC cutter for under $15 if you don’t care about the color. It is a great option and is the quickest.

One clip and the pipe is cut.

This cutter comes in four colors and three sizes, so you can get one customized to your needs. It is nice to have one around for cutting things like wires, branches, and other types of pipes.

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Best Handsaw: CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw

Hack saws are the best tools for cutting PVC pipe. This CRAFTSMAN option is cheap, useful, and looks amazing in your shed.

You can use any handsaw to cut PVC pipe, but this CRAFTSMAN option is too good to pass up. Ask anyone who has a handsaw if they regret keeping one and they will tell you no.

Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Sawzall?

Yes, you can use a Sawzall to cut PVC pipe. The best blade to use is a wood and metal blade with a 10/14 TPI configuration for efficient cuts.

Can You Cut PVC Pipe Lengthwise?

It is not easy to cut pipe lengthwise. To cut PVC pipe lengthwise, clamp the pipe down and mark it with a chalk line. Use a rotary cutting tool to cut it.

Cutting PVC pipe in small spaces can be done with the right tools and equipment, like a circular saw that doesn’t require movement. To cut holes in a PVC pipe, hold the pipe still, and drill holes in it with a drill. Be careful not to drill all the way through both sides of the pipe unless intended.

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