How to Dispose of Concrete

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Disposing of Concrete

Concrete disposal can be challenging due to its weight and difficulty in loading, unlike regular household waste.

Unlike other bulk items, you cannot simply leave concrete at the end of your driveway or easily give it away, unless you are dealing with old pavers. However, there are alternative methods you can consider for disposing of old concrete.

How to Dispose of Concrete

How to Dispose of Concrete

The best way to dispose of concrete depends on the amount, your equipment, physical abilities, and location.

Take it to a Construction and Demolition Recycling Center

Concrete is recyclable. If you have a Construction and Demolition Recycling center nearby, disposing of your concrete there is a top choice. The center will crush the concrete, creating aggregate for contractors to use in construction and landscaping projects.

The con is that you’ll need a truck and workforce to load the concrete. Search for a concrete recycling center nearby on the C&D Recycling Association website.

Bring it to the Landfill

If you have concrete ready for disposal, you can take it to the landfill for a fee. In some areas, there are no C&D recycling centers, so landfills are the only option for getting rid of concrete that is not in good condition.

The cost of concrete disposal at most landfills is about $40 per ton. For smaller amounts, some landfills charge by the cubic yard.

If you haven’t started removing your driveway or sidewalk yet, it is recommended to rent a construction and demolition dumpster in advance. This way, you can fill the dumpster with the old concrete as you demolish it, and the waste company will pick it up for you.

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Make sure to rent a dumpster with a weight limit that meets your needs.

Alternatively, you can hire a junk removal service for concrete disposal.

Junk removal services offer comprehensive disposal of household waste, including furniture and broken concrete. Prices vary based on the amount and size of the concrete, as well as the required equipment.

Most junk removal companies have trucks with 2-ton weight limits, so multiple trucks may be needed for large concrete loads.

If you have old concrete pavers to give away, you can list them for free on Facebook or Craigslist. Similarly, you may be able to get rid of remnants from your driveway or sidewalk by listing them for free. Some landscapers or DIYers might be interested in broken concrete for their projects, making it worth a try.

You can also contact landscapers to inquire about concrete removal services.

Some landscapers accept old concrete, reusing it for new projects. Try searching for concrete disposal near me to see if any businesses in your area have requests on their website. If not, you can call around.

Give Unused Concrete to a Building Materials Supplier

Building materials suppliers may accept your unused bags of concrete mix, pavers, or blocks. They’re unlikely to take used or crushed concrete from your driveway or sidewalk.

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