12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

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12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

Creating tall wall decor can be challenging, as many people find it difficult to decide how to adorn these large spaces. However, with a little creativity, these walls can become powerful focal points.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

Decorating tall walls can be a challenge, but with the right ideas, it can result in a stunning visual display. From gallery walls to wallpaper murals, we’ll guide you on how to decorate tall walls effectively.

Instead of sticking to conventional approaches, it’s important to think outside the box and explore unconventional solutions for tall wall decor.

One popular option is creating gallery walls. These can be composed of pictures in different shapes and sizes or large sets of pictures. Whichever option you choose, it is essential to ensure that the gallery takes up around two-thirds of the wall to maintain the proper scale and aesthetic.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

It’s easiest to arrange a gallery collection before hanging it. Gather your pieces and try different arrangements on a large flat surface, such as the floor, until you find a shape you like. Take a picture and measurements, then hang it on the wall.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

Weisshouse created an eclectic gallery wall for an industrial chic dining room. You don’t have to create a complete gallery wall all at once. It can be a work in progress that grows with your collection of new wall art.

For a more collected look, choose pictures with the same theme and shape like in this Westminster apartment.


Large walls are ideal for tall bookcases. You can achieve this by buying free-standing bookcases and arranging them together. Alternatively, you can have a carpenter build them into the wall for a custom look.

While books look great on shelves, other items like sculptures, found objects, record collections, and plants can be curated for display too. Bookcases can be designed to look uniform or eclectic, depending on your taste.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

This bookcase design by Zacklde Vito Architecture + Design features a distinct design that stands out from the wall color. This distinction, along with the lack of other wall decor, creates a clear focal point.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

These tall wall bookcases by Andrew Flesher Interiors are seamlessly integrated into the room’s decor.

Painting large portions of your walls is an effective way to define and separate them. Consider using striking geometric designs or creating horizontal or vertical demarcations. This solution is both effective and cost-effective.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

This dining room uses paint and modest-sized wall art to create distinction for the tall walls.

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Adding molding, also called millwork, to the wall adds texture and visual depth without extra color. This works well for classic or historical home styles. Molding can be fancy or simple based on your taste and is stunning when combined with wall art.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

If you’re a talented DIYer, this is a great project to try. With wood molding, measuring tools, a saw, and a nail gun, you can transform your space inexpensively. Your millwork can blend in with the walls for a classic look, or you can paint it a different color for a more contemporary style.

As featured in BHG, this homeowner used molding to create a textured grid on a tall wall.

Large Wall Art

Rather than using small pictures to create a gallery wall, choose one large piece of wall art. Hang it vertically or horizontally, depending on the shape of the wall and the art. Opt for a very large art piece for maximum impact.

Consider purchasing a single large canvas or multiple panels that can be arranged together to form a large piece. Alternatively, you can use other large items such as mirrors or architectural elements like window frames to achieve a similar effect.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

This room designed by Jay Jeffers combines a large vertical piece of art with a gallery wall.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

This design uses only one oversized piece of wall art for the tall and wide wall. Wallpaper provides visual interest and depth to a large wall. Opt for standard wallpaper for a uniform look or choose a mural design for a striking focal point.

Another cost-effective alternative to a wallpaper mural is to use a vinyl decal design that you can arrange in various ways.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

If you choose wallpaper, you’ll have many options. You can go for subtle designs that create depth and texture with minimal color. Alternatively, you can opt for something bold and dramatic.

Classic and contemporary designs, such as geometric patterns with bright colors, are available.

This is an excellent example of wallpaper usage by Boca do Lobo. They used a large wallpaper mural to enhance the dark and moody bedroom design, eliminating the need for additional wall art.

Floating shelves.

Shelves hung on the wall with displayed objects are a great way to decorate tall walls. Hang shelves of various sizes or create a uniform look with the same-sized wall shelves. Use the shelves to create a picture gallery of various-sized wall art.

Vary the depth of your wall art and layer small pieces on top of larger pieces to create a custom look. You can also use the shelves for storage: store books or display a collection of unique items.

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12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

Hudson Street Design creates interest on a tall wall with a mounted TV and floating shelves.

Anchor Pieces Over Furniture

If you have a tall wall, you don’t need to use the entire space. Positioning furniture on the wall allows you to anchor lower pieces. For example, if you place a sofa along the tall wall, anchor wall art, architectural salvage, or a gallery wall above the sofa.

This way, the art will be scaled to the furniture instead of needing to fill the entire wall.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

This bedroom features tall cathedral ceilings. Instead of decorating the entire wall, the designer chose to anchor wall art to the bed.

Fabric pieces make gorgeous works of art and wonderful decorations for tall walls. Use a tall wall to display a vintage quilt or a collection of panels covered in fabric. If you don’t have large quilt or fabric panels, find long vertical swaths of fabric and hang them from a rod at the top of the wall.

This looks effective as a single piece or as part of a group. Remember that rugs are fabric too. If you find a fabric rug that is light enough, feel free to display it as a beautiful work of art.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

This contemporary living room design by McInturff Architects minimizes wall art and opts for a stunning hanging fabric panel.

To add texture to a large wall without adding more color, consider using faux stone or brick veneer for an industrial look. Another option is to use textured wallpaper like grasscloth or linen. Remember, you don’t have to create texture all over the wall; focus on areas that highlight the fireplace or wall-mounted television.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

EBL Construction enhances this room by adding smooth textured wood to create interest on a tall wall featuring an inset television.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

This is an interesting use of textured elements from Faulkner Architecture. They use concrete and wood to give the tall walls and ceilings depth, eliminating the need for anything else on these surfaces.


Don’t overlook distraction techniques that divert attention away from the need for decor for tall walls. One effective method is using large chandeliers or tall window draperies to make the wall appear proportionate to the room.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

Consider this example from the Markalunas Architecture Group. They used a large chandelier and textured ceiling in this living room to distract the eye and eliminate the need to decorate the tall walls.

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Mix Them Up

If you have a large wall, you may need more than one solution to create visual impact. For example, you can use bookcases combined with textures or a paneled wall or use them in combination with a gallery wall. Gallery walls and large wall artwork work well with different wallpapers and decorative molding.

Walls broken up in separate color blocks also work well with wall art.

12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor

This design creatively combines different elements to add visual interest to a tall wall. It features a vertical mirror, hanging shelves, and a unique light fixture.


What are inexpensive ideas for decorating high ceiling walls?

Some inexpensive options for tall wall decor include using paint to add visual variety, incorporating molding, and using fabric. Molding doesn’t have to be expensive – simple shapes painted in different colors can create depth. Another idea is to cut thin plywood into rectangles or squares, cover them with fabric, and create a gallery-like display on the wall.

What are good corner decorations for tall walls?

The best decor for corners on tall walls is tall trees or bookcases. For a corner space that doesn’t require depth and texture, use a tall vertical mirror or wall art.

What can I use for tall wall entry decor?

The best tall wall decor for entryways creates immediate interest. This can include a gallery wall or interesting lighting. It’s also a great opportunity to add interest with paint or molding.

Which decorating ideas work best for bedrooms with tall walls?

Bedrooms are ideal for more restrained decor. Symmetrical wall art works well in a bedroom. For a more minimal look, anchor low artwork to the bed to scale it down.

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