Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

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Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Materials can make all the difference when choosing ways to enhance your kitchen. When trying to decorate and improve your home, have you ever thought of using glass to brighten, enhance, and reflect? Glass is one of the most commonly used materials in our homes.

Windows naturally enhance our homes, but using glass in our kitchens and furniture is becoming a popular design trend.

Here are simple ideas to change your home interiors with glass. Whether you choose to add it to your kitchen cabinetry, decor, or countertops, here are some inspiring ideas to use glass.

Ways to Transform the Look of Your Kitchen Using Glass

1. Install Glass in Cabinet Doors

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Using glass in cabinetry doors can enhance the look of your dinnerware and collectibles. Install under cabinet lighting to illuminate special pieces and give the illusion of more space in your kitchen. Keep your dishes neat and organized in the cabinets.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Glass brightens kitchens:

Glass reflects light, making kitchens feel larger and more spacious. Use glass for countertops, backsplashes, and cabinetry doors to create a sleek and modern look. Bring in natural light by using glass blocks in kitchen walls or incorporate glass directly into countertops.

Illuminate special pieces by installing under cabinet lighting inside cabinets.

3. Opt for a Glass Counter Top

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Furniture and home decor to complement your kitchen:

Your kitchen can be influenced by other rooms, and you can borrow decorative glass elements from your living room and dining room to create an impact. Glass is not only suitable for making tables, but it also complements other home finishes like wood, metal, and leather, giving your space an urban loft appeal.

4. Pair Glass With Reflective Materials

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

The options for glass are limitless. Pair glass with stainless-steel appliances, reflective sink faucets, or use it as a base for a countertop extension like in the above example.

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5. Use Glass As A Divider

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Your kitchen can utilize glass in countertops, cabinets, and tile accents. Glass ceramic tile can be used in mosaic backsplashes or behind the stove to add reflectivity. If your kitchen is dark and lacks natural light, paint the walls a lighter color and incorporate glass front cabinetry, lighting fixtures, or glass block walls to borrow light from adjoining rooms. Glass lighting fixtures can provide added sparkle that you may not have realized was missing.

Browse through interior lighting magazines to find glass pendants, chandeliers, and table lamps that will add much-needed brightness to enhance your home’s appeal. Transform your dull and boring kitchen by incorporating glass elements to brighten up the space.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Glass lighting fixtures add sparkle that you didn’t know you needed. Browse interior lighting magazines for glass pendants, chandeliers, and table lamps that add brightness to your home. And if you thought your kitchen was dull, bringing glass into it can make it brighter.

In this example kitchen by ylighting, glass bowl lights were used to illuminate the island without making the kitchen look bulky.

7. Mount a Mirror.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Sometimes people forget that mirrors are just large pieces of glass. When you want to expand your small kitchen, hanging a mirror can work wonders. In this Metro Glass kitchenette, a mirror is placed to the side of the table and a full mirror backsplash is above the counter, creating an illusion of more space.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Using glass tiles in your kitchen can accent your countertops and cabinets. Mosaic backsplashes or tiles behind your stove can add reflectivity and color to a monochrome kitchen. An example of this is LV Rocks Radio, which transformed a gray kitchen with a white countertop by adding a teal glass tile backsplash.

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This brightened the room and created space for teal accents in dish towels, fruit bowls, and other decor.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

One issue with small kitchens is the tendency for them to become crowded with furniture, such as tables, chairs, and barstools. Have you considered incorporating glass furniture? Although it may be challenging to keep clean, the polished modern aesthetic and perceived space-saving benefits make it a worthwhile option.

To visualize this concept, take a look at this kitchen featured on Apartment Therapy.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Are you a fan of open shelving? This idea can be easily implemented with glass shelves. It will make your open shelving concept cohesive regardless of your kitchen’s style. You can also pair glass shelves with a mirror, like they did in Décor Pad, to make your kitchen look bigger and highlight the items on the shelves.

This is a great way to make your kitchen feel more open.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

It can be difficult to achieve the open shelving or glass cabinet door look if you have a lot of dishes to hide. And when your dishes don’t match, you may wonder how to make glass cabinets look good in your kitchen. In this case, consider using frosted glass for your cabinet doors.

It can refresh your kitchen’s appearance while still concealing your dishes. You can preview this style in Ghar 360’s kitchen.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

You may be surprised to learn that glass appliances are available for purchase. Yes, you can buy a glass refrigerator to enhance the look of your kitchen and effortlessly view its contents. Still not convinced?

Consider this: you can also use your glassware as decorative elements in your kitchen.

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Nothing goes with glass like glass! To add to your kitchen decor without subtracting from a clean look, consider using your glassware as a decoration. In I Design Arch, they filled built-in shelves with wine and martini glasses to accent the teal glass countertop and dining table.

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Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

There is always a purpose for jars and canisters in your kitchen. Where else are you going to keep things like pasta, flour, and sugar? Make them work in your favor by purchasing clear glass canisters and using them to decorate your kitchen, like in this kitchen on Anderson and Grant.

This idea is versatile, as you can purchase any size and shape canisters and mix and match to create your desired look.

15. Purchase Glass Dishes

Simple Ideas to Change your Kitchen with Glass

Now that your kitchen is mostly glass, it makes sense to purchase glass dishes to display in your new glass cabinets or on your all-glass countertop. And you don’t have to get all clear glass dishes, a nice set of white matching glass dishes can look great in open shelving or a frosted glass concept as well. Glass will be a welcome addition to your kitchen, as it can make it feel larger and bring in more light to brighten even the darkest kitchen.

Use one, two, or all of the ideas on this list to transform your kitchen into a work of art using glass!

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