10 Best Mobile Home Movers

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10 Best Mobile Home Movers

Mobile home movers can transport your home from one location to another, whether a few miles away or across state lines.

Some mobile home movers offer a full range of services, including breaking down the home for transport, hauling, site prep, and installation at the new location. However, services vary, so it is essential to receive a detailed list in writing before hiring a company.

10 Best Mobile Home Movers

The Cost of Moving a Mobile Home

The cost of moving a mobile home depends on location, distance, gas prices, and the size of the house, with prices ranging from $1,000 – $20,000. Mobile homes less than 42′ x 8.3′ x 13.5′ and 16,000 pounds are considered a “legal load” and are easier to transport. Mobile homes bigger than this require a special permit and higher moving fees.

Best Mobile Home Movers Overview

We’ve rounded up ten companies that move mobile homes throughout the United States:

  • Heavy Haulers
  • Nationwide United Auto Transport
  • Bennett Truck Transport
  • Nexus Auto Transport
  • BB’s Mobile Home Transport
  • D&D Mobile Home Repairs & Moving Inc.
  • A-1 Auto Transport
  • Ship a Car, Inc.

We Will Transport It and A1 Mobile Home Transport specialize in mobile home transport. They have a strong reputation and offer services nationwide. The key services they offer are transportation for single-wide and double-wide trailers.

You can get a quote from either company through their website or by phone.

If you need a company that is licensed, insured, and bonded, then Heavy Haulers is a good choice. They have over a decade of experience in transporting manufactured homes and offer their services across the United States. You can easily contact them for a quote via their website or by phone.

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Nationwide United Auto Transport is another reputable company that provides mobile home transport services nationwide. You can request a quote from them through their website or by phone.

Nationwide United Auto Transport, based in Los Angeles, California, offers local and nationwide mobile home moving services. With over 15 years of experience, they specialize in shipping single-wide, double-wide, and oversized homes, with all necessary permits.

For a quote or to learn more about their manufactured home transport services, reach out to Nationwide Auto Transport by phone or visit their website.

Bennett Truck Transport:

– Website: Bennett Truck Transport

– BBB Rating: A+

– Coverage Area: 48 U.S. States and 11 Canadian Provinces

Bennett Truck Transport is a leading mobile and manufactured home delivery company in the United States and Canada. They offer delivery and moving services in all 48 continental U.S. states and 11 Canadian provinces. Established in 1994, they have a strong reputation in the industry.

To request a quote from Bennett Truck Transport, simply fill out a form on their website.

Nexus Auto Transport is another reputable company in the industry. They specialize in auto shipping and also offer trailer moving services. They have nationwide coverage and can deliver manufactured homes to mobile home parks or land.

To get a quote, you’ll need to provide the height, length, width, and approximate weight of your home.

Another option is BB’s Mobile Home Transport.

BB’s Mobile Home Transport is a one-stop shop for mobile home transport and setup. They can handle everything from the foundation to skirting. They are licensed, insured, and have over 40 years of experience.

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You can request a quote by calling or filling out their online form.

D&D Mobile Home Repairs & Moving, Inc. is another reputable company. They provide mobile home repairs and moving services in North Carolina. They have a great BBB rating and offer both local and long-distance services.

D&D Mobile Home Repairs & Moving, based in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, offers local and long-distance services. They can repair, move, and set up new and existing mobile homes, including lot prep, land cleaning, mobile home skirting installation, and mobile home parts.

To receive a quote, you can call, email, or fill out a form on their website. Basic information needed includes the home’s size and whether it has axles or wheels.

A-1 Auto Transport is one of the largest auto shippers in the United States and also offers nationwide mobile home transport services. You can get a free shipping estimate by filling out their online form.

Ship a Car, Inc.

There are many auto transport companies that offer mobile home or trailer shipping services. One such company is Ship a Car. They are fully insured and bonded and provide free quotes via their website.

The cost of shipping a mobile home through Ship a Car depends on factors such as distance, size of the house, and current fuel prices.

Another reliable option is We Will Transport It, which also has a nationwide coverage. They have a BBB Rating of A+ and offer their services through their website.

When shipping a mobile home or trailer, it’s important to consider factors such as distance, size, and fuel prices. By choosing a reputable company like Ship a Car or We Will Transport It, you can ensure a safe and reliable transport service.

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We have over 25 years of experience transporting mobile and manufactured homes across the United States. You can request a quote via our website or by phone. You’ll need to know the size and type of your mobile home, relocation address, and if you need setup and breakdown services.

A1 Mobile Home Transport is based in Illinois and offers services throughout the Midwest. They provide a full-service mobile home moving experience, including site prep work, relocation, concrete work, releveling, and installation.

You can request a quote from A1 Mobile Home Transport via phone or email.

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