10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

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10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at $7,000

Prefab cabins are built off-site and shipped to your location. Small cabins may come in one piece, while larger versions may be shipped in sections and constructed on-site.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

You can find a variety of prefabricated cabins in different sizes, designs, and with customization options. If you’re considering a log cabin build and want to save time and money, a prefab or modular cabin is worth considering.

Here are some of the best prefab cabins available in the United States that meet various needs. Some are small and suitable as backyard guest houses, office spaces, or vacation retreats, while others are large enough to accommodate a whole family.

– Canmore: Prices range from $7,196 to $116,396.

– Kithaus K3: Starting at $32,000.

– Bala Bunkie: Starting at $32,000.

– Caribou: Prices range from $43,808 to $98,912.

– Ozark: Price of $55,900.

– Zook: Price of $132,500.

– Modern Studio: Starting at $65,000.

– Plymouth Log: Price of $163,300.

– Sierra Prefab Log: Price of $73,900.

Hyg.ge – $399,000

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

The cabin features spruce spf framing, western red cedar siding, a small porch with an overhang, and standard 8-foot walls. Customizable options include vinyl windows, vinyl doors, pine floors, and upgraded siding.

The manufacturer offers a design center where you can customize the cabin’s size and material for a personalized quote.

Kithaus offers the K3 models for modern prefab cabin enthusiasts. The smallest size starts at $32,000 and is 132 square feet, suitable for a backyard cabin, guest house, or office space. The largest size is 13′ x 13′ and includes a bathroom and kitchenette.

Prices for this model start at $60,000.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

Standard features include aluminum framing with a choice of corrugated or natural cement board siding. All options include insulation, interior walls, and high-quality windows with low-e glazing.

There are many customization options for these modern modular cabins, including HVAC mini split systems, radiant heat bathroom flooring, decks, hardwood floors, and more.

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The Bala Bunkie from Summerwood Products is a two-story cabin with cedar wood siding. The standard size has a 100 square foot footprint, but thanks to the second-story layout, there is 230 square feet of usable space.

Price: $11,321 – $58,121.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

You can buy the Bala Bunkie in various sizes, ranging from 8′ x 10′ to 20′ x 20′. The smallest size starts at $11,321 for the preassembled cabin or $9,746 for the kit. The largest size starts at $58,121 for the preassembled version and $49,871 for the kit.

You can customize the Bala Bunkie to include loft space, interior finishes, and pine flooring.

The Caribou from Deer Run Cabins:

– Price: $43,808 – $98,912

The Caribou cabin is big enough to function as a one or two-bedroom home, complete with a living room, bathroom, and kitchen. It offers a variety of customizable options, and the company will deliver and assemble it at your site (please note, you must have a foundation for this cabin).

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

The Caribou cabin comes with standard features such as white pine walls and ceilings, an enamel metal roof, a pine kitchen with a countertop, a pine bathroom, finished plumbing and electrical, and Energy Star windows.

You have the option to customize the size and layout of the cabin, with sizes ranging from 392 sq. ft. to 728 sq. ft. Additionally, you can choose between a shell only or a cabin with premium interior finishes.

Another option is the Ozark Prefab Cabin from Lancaster Cabins. This cabin is 13’ x 25’, and includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and extra space for bunk beds and a futon couch. It also features an 8’ porch with a roof overhang.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

The Ozark features a 12k BTU heat/AC system. With its compact size of 325 square feet, it maximizes its layout. It offers enough amenities for use as a tiny home, vacation retreat, or backyard house.

If you appreciate the design and features of the Ozark, Lancaster Cabins provides similar options in various sizes and price ranges.

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Zook Modern offers the luxury Rockwood Cabin for $132,500. This tiny home can be delivered to your desired location and is ready to move in. It includes 400 square feet of space, high-end finishes, a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen with a ten cu ft counter depth refrigerator and microwave.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

The Rockwood has a modern design with a sloped roof that cantilevers over the front porch and a 6ft front porch. The interior features an HVAC mini ductless split, light fixtures, electric outlets, and ceiling fans.

The price of the Rockwood cabin includes a delivery fee, which will vary by location and can affect the final price.

Modern Studio Prefab Cabin from Westwood Cabins

– Price: $65,000+

The Studio cabin from Westwood has a quaint, cottage-like feel that would work well as a backyard home for a farmhouse or country residence. There are three size options ranging from 264 sq ft to 336 sq ft.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

The smallest option includes a kitchenette and a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. The larger two options also have space for a stackable washer/dryer hookup. Standard features include luxury vinyl plank flooring, a pine interior, custom wood siding, and custom wood cabinetry.

You can customize your studio cabin by choosing the siding finish, flooring, cabinet style, countertop, and windows. There are even high-end upgrades, including quartz counters and engineered hardwood floors.

Plymouth Log Cabin from Zook:

– Price: $163,300

The Plymouth cabin comes in five sizes ranging from 364 sq ft to 624 sq ft. The smaller size features one bedroom, one bathroom, a great room with a kitchen, and a loft. At 13′ x 48′, the largest size features two bedrooms, two lofts, one bathroom, and a great room with a kitchen.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

The Plymouth has a steep gable roof, ideal for locations with heavy snowfall. Customize the interior with hardwood floors, dormers, a bathroom package, and more.

All versions of the Plymouth come with electrical wiring, plumbing, and insulation.

Sierra Prefab Log Cabin from Lancaster Log Homes:

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The Sierra Prefab Log Cabin has a unique step-down design and 400 sq ft of living space. Despite its small size, it includes a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and porch. There’s even space for bunk beds and a futon to create additional sleeping areas.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

This small modular cabin has a gable roof in the front section and flat roofs in the back sections. It includes a 12K BTU AC and heating unit, as well as all the necessary features for comfortable living.

Hyg.ge Model from CABN

  • Price: $399,000

The Hyg.ge model is a modern prefab cabin that offers 1120 square feet of space. It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and generous storage.

10 Best Prefab Cabins Starting at 7 000

The Hyg.ge is inspired by Danish-style homes and boasts luxury features such as radiant floor heating, smart home capabilities, split duct systems, and a solar-powered roof. While stylish and high-tech, it is the most expensive prefab cabin on our list.

A prefab cabin is built off-site and shipped to its new location. A modular cabin, which can come in one or more pieces and is assembled on-site, is a type of prefab cabin. All cabins on our list are modular, some also available as kits.

Prefab cabin kits are less expensive but require self-assembly.

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