10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

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10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Choosing the right exterior house color is a significant decision. Unlike interior walls, repainting your home’s siding is more difficult and expensive.

An exterior paint job should last five to ten years, depending on climate. Resisting trends and opting for a classic color will prevent you from getting tired of your home before it’s time to repaint.

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Top 10 Classic Exterior House Colors

Here are the top ten timeless house paint colors and specific hues from popular brands.

1. Bright White

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Bright white can make a home feel fresh and stand out on almost all architectural styles, from traditional brick homes to modern ones. Bright white home exteriors go well with any accent color, although black is a popular choice for shutters and trims.

However, the biggest drawback of painting a home bright white is that it shows dirt and mildew more easily than darker colors. To maintain a fresh look, be prepared to wash the exterior of your home 2-3 times per year.

Here are some paint colors you can consider:

– Sherwin-Williams Pure White SW 7005

– Behr Ultra Pure White 1850

– Benjamin Moore Pure White OC-64

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Creams and off-whites give a warmer, more antique look than stark, bright white. You can accent a creamy white home exterior with black trim or choose taupe, greige, and other warm trim colors. Cream also pairs well with warm wood accents.

Cream has yellow undertones and comes in different levels of lightness and darkness. Test paint samples on your house to find the perfect shade before committing.

Paint Colors to Consider: Benjamin Moore Creamy White OC-7, Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008, Behr Swiss Coffee 12

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10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Slate Gray is a combination of charcoal gray and blue. It’s neutral and works well with bright white siding and trim. It can give your home a moody or modern look, depending on its architectural style.

You can find slate gray shades with varying levels of blue undertones. If you want a more gray look, go for less blue.

Paint Colors to Consider: Benjamin Moore Midnight Oil 1631, Sherwin Williams Wall Street 7665, and Behr Midnight in NY N440-7

4. Light Gray

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Light gray is no longer popular for interior finishes but remains a classic exterior paint color. It can make your home look soft without showing as much dirt as true white. Complement it with darker gray or white accents.

For smaller homes, painting them light gray will make them appear larger.

Paint colors to consider: Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW-7029, and Behr Silver Feature BWC-29.

Soft Blue

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Soft blue is versatile, working on most homes depending on the undertone. It coordinates well with brick, stone accents, and natural wood or white trim. Light, muted blues can give your home a calming feel, while mid-toned to darker shades add drama.

One of the most traditional exterior paint colors is sky blue, which can add color to your home without being overwhelming. You can also opt for blue-gray if you want your home’s siding to lean more neutral.

Paint Colors to Consider: Sherwin-Williams Dew Drop SW 9641, Behr Absolute Zero N940-1, Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC-144

6. Taupe

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Taupe is a versatile exterior house color that strikes a balance between mid to dark-toned grays and browns. It works well with both light and dark trim, offering warmth without being bold or trendy.

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Taupe pairs nicely with earthy color schemes, such as stone siding and brick accents, and it also looks fresh with bright white trim.

Some paint colors to consider for taupe are Sherwin-Williams Tony Taupe SW7038, Behr Perfect Taupe PPU18-13, and Benjamin Moore Pashmina AF-100.

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

From light to dark, earthy green suits many architectural styles. Dark green has trended for the past few years, but a mid-toned to light green works for a classic look. These shades of green especially suit craftsman bungalows, mountain homes, and rustic homes in the woods.

You can complement an earthy green home with black or white trims and shutters. A darker shade of green with the same undertones also works well as an accent.

Paint Colors to Consider: Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog SW9130, Benjamin Moore Lewiville Green 494, and Behr Muted Sage N350-5.

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Greige is a blend of beige and gray, creating a versatile neutral color that complements both warm and cool color schemes. It serves as a compromise between gray and tan, making it an ideal choice for house colors. Greige is less warm than taupe and is available in various shades.

Dark greige pairs well with white trim for a clean aesthetic, while light greige can be accented with white, black, cream, brown, or warm charcoal gray. Consider the following paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Perfect Greige SW 6073, Behr Greige PPU24-11, and Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172.

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

In a 2018 Zillow study, it was found that buyers pay an average of $3,418 more for yellow homes compared to other colors. However, the shade of yellow you choose is important. Bright yellows can appear too bold and fade faster than other exterior paint colors.

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A softer yellow is a safer choice, especially for country homes, small cottages, and traditional-style architecture.

To complement a soft yellow exterior, you can use white trim and wood accents. Save bolder colors, such as red, for the front door.

Some paint colors to consider for a soft yellow exterior are Benjamin Moore Cornsilk 198, Sherwin-Williams Pale Yellow SW 7691, and Behr Firefly P310-3.

10 Exterior House Colors That Endure

Red is a striking exterior house color that complements old-country style homes, craftsman, and rustic architecture. Warmer reds work best as classic exterior colors and pair well with white or dark trim, depending on the shade. If you’re not ready to paint your whole house red, you can still incorporate it as an accent color.

Some paint colors to consider are Sherwin-Williams Roycroft Copper Red SW-2839, Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290, and Behr Firecracker AF-290.

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