10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

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10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

Interior designers often combine the TV and fireplace, usually using a rustic or traditional fireplace with a TV mounted on the wall above the mantel. While we love this aesthetic, we acknowledge that not many homes have fireplaces.

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

While achieving this combo may seem difficult, it’s not impossible. We recently found some great TV consoles with built-in fireplaces that we want to share with you.

Here are our top picks:

Designed to be a TV stand, this model also doubles as a beautiful fireplace. It not only looks great but also allows you to hide unsightly cables.

With the capacity to hold TVs up to 70 inches, this console stands out for its elegance, efficiency, and modern design.

“I’m glad I chose this TV stand. I bought the driftwood one, and it looks very high quality.” – Customer review

Despite its compact size, this TV stand and electric fireplace unit still offers ample storage space. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

What to Know About Electric Fireplaces

To determine if an electric fireplace is right for your needs, here are a few essential points to consider.

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Compared to gas or wood-burning options, electric fireplaces offer several key benefits. They eliminate the need to purchase or chop wood and connect to a gas line. All that is required is access to an electrical outlet.

Additionally, electric fireplaces do not require permits, vents, or chimneys. They do not produce pollution, and their surface remains cool to the touch, making them safe for pets and children. Moreover, they are low-maintenance.


If you plan to use an electric fireplace to heat a room, efficiency is a key factor. A 120-volt fireplace can heat a room up to 400 square feet, while some can even heat up to 1,000 square feet. Some models have thermostats for added efficiency.

There are different types of electric fireplaces that are suited for specific spaces and needs. Wall-mounted fireplaces are great for small rooms as they save floor space. Freestanding fireplaces can be placed anywhere against a wall and are easy to move around.

They typically resemble traditional fireplaces with mantels and some are designed to fit in corners.

Electric fireplaces are often combined with entertainment centers to create media consoles for the living room. These fireplaces come in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations.

Electric stoves are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional wood stoves. They function like regular electric fireplaces and can be installed anywhere or moved as needed.

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An alternative option is the electric fireplace insert. This can be placed into the hearth of an existing traditional fireplace that is no longer functional. It allows for the preservation and updating of the original fireplace in a more modern way.

To choose an electric fireplace, consider the following factors: style, size, and configuration.

All electric fireplaces function similarly and offer similar advantages. However, certain types or models may have unique details and features.

To make an informed decision, it’s important to understand how electric fireplaces work. They create a flame image by projecting LED lights onto a screen in a pattern. Some have more LED lights, which enhances flame realism.

Electric fireplaces have a built-in heater and can be used year-round without the need for a vent or chimney. They produce heat and can operate independent of the flames. Additionally, they offer multiple settings to adjust the intensity.

Some electric fireplaces also have built-in thermostats, which help maintain a constant room temperature, improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, not all electric fireplaces include heaters. Some are purely decorative and only create flame images without generating heat.


Generally, electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere. They’re safe to install under the TV, but in that case, it’s best to choose a fireplace with a front or bottom heater to avoid damaging nearby electronics. Electric fireplaces can be installed indoors and outdoors.

If you plan to install one on a patio or outdoor area, choose an outdoor-rated model. Not all electric fireplaces are suitable for outdoor use.

When choosing a TV console, consider more than just the design.

Viewing angle

A TV console should provide comfortable viewing by positioning the screen at eye level. Measure the height while seated to ensure accuracy.

Consider the overall size of the stand in relation to the TV to provide proper support and prevent accidental bumps. Check that the stand can support the weight of your chosen TV.

Take into account the context when choosing a TV console,

In some cases, the size or layout of a room can be problematic when choosing a TV stand. If configuring the stand to suit your comfort and complement the room is difficult, consider a swivel stand for more flexibility. Look for a TV stand with storage options, such as cutouts or a cable management system, to maintain a clean and tidy appearance.

Open shelves are space-efficient and versatile, making them a common feature in many TV stand designs.

10 Best TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

1. Farmhouse Wood Fireplace Stand for TV’s up to 78″

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

First on our list is a minimal fireplace TV stand with a charcoal grey finish. It features an electric fireplace (4600 BTU) that can heat up to 400 square feet (37 square meters). It’s easy to set up, no professional help required.

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Simply plug it in and enjoy. The stand also includes adjustable shelves and a cable management system to gather all cords at the back.

Adjustable shelves

Cable management system to run cords at the back.


– Includes a cable management system.

– Doesn’t require an electrician.

– Adjustable shelves.


– Difficult to assemble.

2. Electric Fireplace TV Console for TVs up to 70″

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

This console is made from laminated particleboard with metal accents, featuring a dark cherry finish and a simple modern design. It can accommodate TVs up to 70″ and has a maximum weight capacity of 135 lbs (61 kg). The console includes a central electric fireplace and storage modules on each side.

It also has open shelving at the top for various accessories.


– Easy plug-in installation

– Integrated LED lights

– Doubles as an electric heater


– Time-consuming assembly

You can choose to use the fireplace for heating or simply enjoy the LED flame display.

3. Fireplace Media TV Stand Console for Flat Screen TV’s Up to 65″

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

Here’s another entertainment center with a built-in fireplace. It’s made from high-grade MDF and laminate boards and has a driftwood finish. The fireplace is located in the center, below the open shelves, between two storage modules with glass doors.

No electrician needed. Suitable for TVs up to 65”.


– Display and heat operated individually.

– Simple plug-in.

– Modern design.


– Questionable long-term quality.

4. Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console for TVs up to 60″

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

A rustic TV console perfectly complements a fireplace. Take this example, which comes with a built-in 23″ electric fireplace that can be controlled remotely. It features LED lights and has overall dimensions of 29.125″h x 59.625″w x 15.6875″d.

It can accommodate TVs up to 60″ and offers two closed storage modules and two open shelf sections.

As for design, this TV console boasts a rustic aesthetic and offers ample storage space.

Now let’s move on to the next product: the Corner Fireplace Media TV Stand Console.

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

This TV console was specially designed for corner spaces, making it perfect for small rooms like living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms. Its compact size and solid construction feature an electric fireplace at the center, surrounded by storage cubbies and shelves.


– Cable management system

– Easy plug-in operation

– Great for corners


– Questionable long-term durability

6. Black Fireplace Television Stand with Glass Doors

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

Here’s a small and compact fireplace TV stand. It features a simple design with a built-in electric fireplace in the center. The fireplace has two switches, one for heat and one for the flame display.

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The console’s dimensions are (Left to Right) 58″ L x (Front to Back) 16″ W x 25″ H. The shelves’ height is adjustable. This is a Farmhouse Barn Door Wood Fireplace Stand for TV’s up to 64″.

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

This charming TV stand is designed to mimic the rustic look of traditional barn doors. The unit features a built-in fireplace with separate controls for display and heat. It has a white oak finish with metal hardware accents, creating an authentic farmhouse vibe.

Suitable for TVs up to 64″, it also includes a cable management system to hide cords at the back of the stand. The stand comes with an electric fireplace that can heat up to 400 sq. ft. (4600 BTU).

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

If you’re searching for a traditional fireplace TV console, consider this one. It’s suitable for TVs up to 55” and is ideal for small bedrooms and cozy living rooms. With a dark cherry finish and a built-in fireplace, it offers independent operation for heat and flame display. Additionally, it features built-in storage with open shelf compartments at the top and closed vertical modules on the sides.

The console’s overall dimensions are 47.75″L x 15″W x 34″H.

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

This 60” console has a unique design, featuring a metal frame complemented by wooden surfaces. It is both strong and durable, while also boasting a lightweight and graphical look. The design itself is eclectic, combining rustic elements with a modern, industrial feel.

In the center of the unit, there is an 18” electric fireplace with LEDs and faux logs. The stand is capable of holding TVs up to 65”.

Title: Fireplace TV Stand with Electric Heater for TV Up to 41″

10 Great TV Consoles With Built-in Electric Fireplaces

The final fireplace TV console on our list is compact yet authentic, reminiscent of traditional fireplace surrounds. This small electric fireplace can be controlled remotely and provides heat for up to 500 square feet (46 square meters), making it ideal for any living room or bedroom.

Thermostat Heating:

You have the option to enjoy the display without heat.

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