15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

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15 Tiny Houses for Sale

Find a ready-to-go home you can take on the road or park with one of these available tiny houses. These prefab models include all interior and exterior finishes, eliminating the need for building yourself.

We’ve searched for the best tiny home listings and compiled the top fifteen models available for purchase. All homes on our list are located in the United States.

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

15 Prefab Tiny Houses For Sale

Browse the best tiny houses for sale. These work as residences or accessory dwelling units on your property.

– eBoho Go – $35,940

– eVista XL – $54,516

– Ovat Tiny Home – $65,000

– Cube Two – $65,800

– The Keepsake – $83,900

– The Aspen – $93,959

– My Milla – $94,000

– ELM Tiny House RV – $98,959

– Heritage Tiny Home – $104,900

– Deluxe Dragonfly Cottage – $139,000

– Luna – $150,000

– The Rutledge – $159,900

– The Lookout – $195,000

– Wedge Caboose – $195,000

– The Escher – $235,000

1. eBoho Go – $35,940

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The eBoho Go is an electric model with fixtures, a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a queen size bed. It can be used as an RV or a permanent tiny home. It includes all electrical hookups and has an electric water heater, range, heater, and AC unit.

The eBoho Go measures 16′ long, 8.5′ wide, and 10′ high, with about 136 square feet of floor space. Delivery charges and customizations will affect the final cost.

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The eVista XL is a 26′ long tiny home with a natural wood aesthetic. It has a full bathroom, kitchen, private bedroom, and living room area. It comes with all kitchen appliances, custom wood cabinets, bathroom fixtures, built-in nightstands, and bookshelves for storage.

At about 223 square feet, the well-thought-out floor plan provides enough space for one or two people to live comfortably. It’s an all-electric model, so there’s need to worry about gas hookups.

3. Ovat Tiny Home – $65,000

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Ovat Tiny House measures 26’ x 8.5’ and is on a trailer with breaks, allowing you to take it anywhere. It has three layout options – one features a main bedroom on the loft, with the lower level encompassing a larger living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The second and third options feature a main bedroom on the first floor and a bedroom in the loft, with smaller living spaces.

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All of the Ovat layouts feature the same materials, such as a metal roof, luxury vinyl plank flooring, butcher block countertops, and custom-made cabinets.

Cube Two costs $65,800.

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Cube Two is a modern tiny house for sale with a two-bedroom layout suitable for medium-sized families. The bedrooms are on each end of the home, while the kitchen, living room, and bathroom are in the middle. The Cube also includes a washer and dryer hookup, a wardrobe in each bedroom, and a foldable table in the living room.

The interior finishes are sleek and modern, ideal for those who prefer minimal style. Nestron ships worldwide, with varying delivery costs that impact the final price.

5. The Keepsake – $83,900

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Keepsake is a compact travel trailer with two bedrooms, sleeping 3-4 people. It has a total area of 170 square feet and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The main bedroom is on the ground floor, and there is an additional room upstairs that can be used as a living room or an extra bedroom. Other features include a full-sized bathroom, kitchen, and space for a washer/dryer combo. The exterior of the trailer comes in three finishes: farmhouse, craftsman, and modern.

The Keepsake is fully furnished with all necessary appliances and can be used as either an RV or a permanent residence.

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Aspen is a 26’ long tiny home with a great room, kitchen, full bathroom, and loft bedroom. It also features a “flex” room that can be used as a second bedroom or a home office. It comes in different sizes and layouts, with the largest size reaching 32’ long.

The interior is clad in wood shiplap and includes all fixtures. There are many upgrades available for the Aspen model, such as skylights, an oven, a microwave, different exterior trim, and more, depending on your needs.

7. My Milla – $94,000

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The My Milla is a modern cabin-style tiny home with 348 square feet. The exterior is Thermory Clear Pine with a black seal, and the interior wall and ceiling are nickel gap pine with a white wash finish. The floor plan includes a full bathroom, kitchen, living space on the main floor, and a loft bedroom.

The kitchen features seamless European cabinets, a double induction cooktop, and space for a large refrigerator. The flooring is luxury vinyl plank. The finishes are perfect for modern rustic lovers.

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8. ELM Tiny House RV – $98,959

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The ELM Tiny House RV is a cabin-like tiny home on wheels available in multiple sizes. The smallest size is 26′ long, 8.5′ wide, and 280 square feet. The main floor includes a bathroom, kitchen, great room, and a “flex” room for a small bedroom or home office.

The upstairs loft accommodates a queen bed.

Upgrades include a second loft for additional sleeping space, skylight, a/c heater mini split, heated flooring, and more.

9. Heritage Tiny Home – $104,900.

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

1. Sleeps: 6

2. Square Footage: 238 + loft area

3. Shipping: Worldwide

The Heritage accommodates up to six people, making it ideal for larger families. It includes one main bedroom and two sleeping lofts, all capable of fitting a queen-size mattress. Additionally, it features a full-sized bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

The Heritage offers three design styles: farmhouse, modern, and craftsman. It comes equipped with appliances, cabinets, fixtures, plumbing, electrical, lighting, and two electric wall heaters. Optional upgrades are also available.

10. Deluxe Dragonfly Cottage – $139,000

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Deluxe Dragonfly Cottage by Cool Cottages is a tiny house on a Stryker 21k GVW Tri-axle trailer. It has a 10′ x 28′ layout with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed and a twin-size loft.

The cottage features premium finishes like a custom tiled shower, Bosch appliances, a tankless water heater, and a stackable washer dryer. It also has energy-efficient upgrades such as closed-cell insulation, LP smart siding, and triple-pane windows. The Deluxe Dragonfly Cottage is available for $150,000.

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Luna is a small luxury home with an open floor plan and high-end finishes. It has a full bathroom, kitchen, living room, and loft bedroom. The Luna features a window wall and a skylight for natural light.

Despite its small size, it offers ample storage.

The kitchen includes custom cabinetry, a 10.7 cu ft fridge, butcher block counters, a microwave, and a cooktop. The bathroom has all fixtures, and the unit has a mini-split, tankless water heater, and birch plywood interior siding.

12. The Rutledge – $159,900

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Rutledge is a modern-style tiny house for sale. It has a main floor bedroom and a loft bedroom, accommodating 2-6 people. The house comes with a custom trailer chassis and measures 10′ x 36′.

Standard finishes include butcher block or quartz counters, custom cabinetry, double-paned windows, and a heating and air conditioning unit. It also features a full bathroom, an induction cooktop in the kitchen (with an optional stove), and a washer-dryer combo.

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The Lookout is another tiny house option, priced at $195,000.

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Lookout is a compact home that connects with nature. It has four window walls that provide ample natural light and views of the outdoors. This tiny home boasts 400 square feet and features a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and two-burner cooktop. The interior of the home comes fully finished, so all you need is furniture. Various upgrades are available, such as a mini-split system, fireplace, and built-in features.

14. Wedge Caboose – $195,000

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Wedge Caboose is a compact and contemporary tiny home, offering 400 square feet of living space. It features a 120 sq ft loft, a main bedroom on the first floor, a kitchen, a living room, and a full bathroom. The front of the home has a roof overhang that provides shelter for a porch.

The Wedge Caboose package includes all appliances, hardware, and fixtures. There are several optional upgrades available for customization.

15. The Escher – $235,000

15 Tiny Houses for Sale You Can Buy Right Now

The Escher is a luxury tiny house for sale with a distinctive exterior design. Inside, it boasts a spacious main bedroom, a luxurious tile shower, a chef’s kitchen, and a walk-in closet. New Frontier Design, the manufacturer, exclusively uses premium materials for this model.

With two bedrooms, the house can accommodate up to six people. It comes equipped with all appliances, shiplap interior siding, Pella windows, a farmhouse porcelain sink, quartz countertops, and various other high-end finishes.

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