18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

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18 Best Websites for Rentals, New Homes, and Moving

Looking for a home rental? Join us as we explore the best websites for rentals, new homes, and moving. We can help you find the ideal rental website.

Not everyone can afford or desires to own a home. If you are not planning to settle down permanently, renting a home might be a better option.

With numerous websites available catering to both rentals and new homes, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. To simplify your search, we have compiled a list of the 18 best websites in this category.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Where should you begin? There are many excellent online home rental sites, as well as some poor ones. We’ve selected the top websites for rentals to assist you in finding your temporary home.

18 best websites for rentals with a wide variety of tools

1. Facebook Groups – the largest website for rentals

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Most people use Facebook Marketplace for basic living items. However, for homes and pets, it is recommended to explore Facebook. Join Facebook groups specific to your area to find houses for sale or apartments for rent. Simply use the search bar to enter your city.

When using groups, exercise caution as not all of them may be safe.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Zillow is the premier rental website, widely utilized by new homeowners and renters in search of a new place, often with positive outcomes. It simplifies the process for real estate agents and landlords, enabling them to connect with potential buyers. Zillow’s user-friendly app, available on both iPhone and Android, is highly recommended for a seamless experience.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Since 2014, Zillow acquired Trulia, resulting in both sites featuring the same listings. They provide multiple guides for assistance in renting or purchasing a home. In the event that you are unable to find a rental, their tools can still be utilized.

Trulia offers maps displaying the crime rate of specific areas being considered. Additionally, the site offers a specialized tool for members of the LGBTQ+ community to aid in finding a safe home.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Most people think Airbnb is only for vacations, but it offers long-term rentals as well. You can search for rentals based on your preferences and find unique options that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for short-term rentals, Airbnb is your best choice. Unlike other rental services, Airbnb doesn’t require long-term contracts or upfront payments for several months. Most places charge per day, which can lead to surprisingly low costs.

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5. Street Easy.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Most rental sites are helpful for US residents. Street Easy only covers New York City, the most populous city in the country.

Using other sites can be overwhelming, but Street Easy allows you to search by neighborhood, ensuring transparency and clarity. New Yorkers appreciate Street Easy’s coverage of areas like New Jersey and Staten Island.

6. Rentals

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Rentals only list houses for rent. Choosing a rental is a relief if you’re tired of scrolling through homes for sale. The site is simple and easy.

Rentals offer multiple services and sources for renters. You can hire movers and check for internet and other services, as the company has partnered with TV and internet providers to provide the best options available.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Not many have heard of Zumper, as most people opt for popular sites like Zillow or Realtor. Zumper is a legit home rental site.

The site is a favorite among renters who live outside of the area where they want to live. Because the site offers info on neighborhoods, when you search for a rental, it lets you know what is best for you.

8. Craigslist

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Before dismissing Craigslist, try it out. Landlords frequently post listings on the site. The website permits you to compare prices, bedrooms, and home features.

Unwanted information can be filtered out.

Furthermore, you can customize searches for cat-friendly places and wheelchair accessibility. You don’t need to speak with every landlord to determine if their listing suits your family. While it may not be the top rental website, Craigslist is still quite reliable.

9. Realtor

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Realtor is a popular site used by millions of renters and buyers. It offers daily news and mortgage rate calculators. People appreciate Realtor for its diverse range of tools, not just for finding a rental home.

In addition to serving renters and buyers, Realtor is also valuable for sellers and landlords. It provides calculators to determine the value of your home and keep track of relevant information. As one of the oldest rental sites, Realtor has been operating since 1995.

10. Rent Cafe

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

People on Pad Mapper don’t upload listings. Instead, the site includes listings from other sites, allowing you to view them on the same platform. This is beneficial because it eliminates the need to visit each individual site.

Furthermore, Pad Mapper does not display duplicate listings and provides a live map feature.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Adobo simplifies the process of searching for home rentals. Their tools can help you find homes near your school or any desired location. Adobo stands out as the top choice among college students due to its campus living feature.

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The website offers thousands of apartment listings specifically for students. Once you have chosen a college, Adobo can assist you in finding a suitable home.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Rent Jungle is a helpful site for those on a tight budget. It allows you to compare rent prices and avoid unfair rates before contacting a property manager.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Hotpads, a Zillow-owned site, is a sister platform to the best online rental service. It suggests rentals based on your location, making it easy to find what you need. With Hotpads, you can search by city or zip code. Since it is owned by Zillow, the search tool operates in the same way.

If you are familiar with Zillow or Trulia, you won’t need to learn a new design.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

When searching for rentals, Rent is a reliable platform with a wide selection of listings. Its filter tool enhances the search process by allowing users to find homes near military bases, homes for seniors, and other unique categories not offered by most sites. Rent stands out for its comprehensive approach.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Apartments offers the option to choose an apartment and receive alerts for that area. You can explore nearby schools and stay informed about local events.

Similar to other websites, Apartments lets you draw borders to filter locations. This is a useful tool if you’re unsure about your desired location or have specific requirements.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Renthop is an excellent search tool for obtaining information about owners and prices. Each listing is accompanied by a HopScore rating that reflects its quality and value, providing a sense of trust in your decision-making process.

The site allows you to search by city or state, and offers a convenient “Check Availability” tool to quickly assess the availability of listings you are interested in. Additionally, it provides a means to contact property managers.

18 Best Website For Rentals New Homes And Moving

Don’t be deceived by the name. Naked Apartments values and respects your privacy. You have the option to post reviews about brokers on the site using a pseudonym.

If you choose to give a negative review to a broker, they won’t be able to identify you later.

Naked Apartments is the top rental website for New Yorkers. Finding an apartment in New York City can be challenging, considering its size. That’s why you need all the assistance you can get.


What is the best website for renting houses?

There isn’t a definitive “best” website for renting homes. The first step is to determine your requirements. Once you’ve done that, you can refine your search accordingly.

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Several online platforms are available to help you find a rental home.

Home rental websites offer landlords the opportunity to list their homes without charge. Landlords with multiple listings pay a weekly fee of $10. These websites themselves are free to use.

However, once you find a suitable home, it is advisable to undergo a background check, which typically costs between $25 and $35.

When searching for a home rental online, there is a risk of falling victim to scams. To protect yourself, there are several warning signs to be aware of. For instance, if a homeowner refuses to meet you in person prior to your move-in date, this is a red flag. Similarly, if a homeowner suggests that you can move in before viewing the property, it is likely a fraudulent listing. It is important not to submit a deposit until the lease has been signed.

If a rental price appears to be unusually low, it is probably a scam. Lastly, if a homeowner does not request a background check, it is a clear indication of a fraudulent listing.

Renting a home doesn’t have to be difficult. By utilizing the appropriate tools, you can discover the perfect place for you and your family. Prior to committing to a rental lease, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research.

The rental websites we have evaluated in this review are legitimate and can provide valuable assistance. Moreover, they are completely free of charge.

It’s important to note that rushing into a decision may lead to making the wrong choice or losing money. You should avoid settling for a dwelling that doesn’t meet your requirements. By taking your time, you will eventually find a residence that suits your needs.

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