10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

Kevin Brown

10 Great Ideas For Bird Feeders

Who wouldn’t enjoy the sound of a happy bird in their garden or backyard? It’s lovely to wake up to the sounds of their songs. Make them feel welcome by offering a bird feeder.

Making one is simple. Here are 10 ideas.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

To make this bird feeder, gather bird seed, water, a small envelope of knox gelatin, twine or string, cookie cutters or molds, and wax paper. Mix the gelatin and water until dissolved. Add the birdseed and stir. Place cookie cutters on wax paper and fill halfway with the mixture.

Insert twine into the birdseed and let dry overnight. Remove the cookie cutters and allow the birds to enjoy the feeder.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

You can create a beautiful bird feeder using just a plate and a bowl. Simply drill a hole in the center of each and insert a bolt. Use glue and a washer to secure everything.

Tie a knot and hang the feeder on a tree or porch. The birds will have food and shelter.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

To create these bird feeders, gather fabric scraps and lace, twin spheres or pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Thread the fabric and lace through the spheres, tying a knot at each end. Coat the spheres in peanut butter and roll them in birdseed.

Hang the feeder and you’re finished.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

This is a simple project. To make this feeder, you’ll need a soda bottle, two wooden spoons, a sharpie marker, a craft knife, and floral wire. Draw a small circle on one side of the bottle, about 4 inches from the bottom.

Cut it out and then cut a slightly larger hole on the opposite side. Repeat this process approximately 2 inches from the bottom of the soda bottle, using the opposite sides. Fill the bottle with birdseed and hang it up.

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10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

This bird feeder is made from a bottle. To make the wooden frame, cut two pieces of wood and join them with screws. Then mark the board where the wire loops should go on a glass bottle.

Nail a shallow recipient under the bottle opening and hang the bird feeder.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

Here’s another glass bottle bird feeder. Drill holes on each side of the bottle, then attach a plate or saucer to the bottom. Wrap wire around the bottle to make a hanger.

It’s simple.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

Here are three bird feeder designs. For the first, drill a hole in a mason jar and a glass plate. For the second, wrap copper wire around the jar to create a hanger.

For the third, attach a lid to the jar and use zip ties on the handle to prevent sliding.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

Start by lining up 12 popsicle sticks. Glue 2 sticks across them. Then alternate sticks around the frame once and continue around the outside until you get 6 rows. Let them dry and paint the bird feeder.

Attach hemp cord to the underside and thread it underneath.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

To make a bird feeder, you’ll need lard/suet, birdseed, 4 teacups, and ribbon or string. Sprinkle the seed onto a chopping board, then mix the lard with the seed. Divide the mixture into 4 and press it into the teacups.

Attach the ribbon or thread to the handle and hang the feeder on a tree.

10 Great Ideas For Making Bird Feeders

These bird feeders are made from fruit loops and pipe cleaners. Shape the pipe cleaners into candy canes and bend the bottom ends into a hook. Thread the cereal and make another bend.

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It’s all done.

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